Vijayawada municipal council meet approves 80 proposals

42 proposals referred to special committees; development works in the city, water pollution and other issues discussed
Mayor R Bhagya Lakshmi presiding over the Council meeting
Mayor R Bhagya Lakshmi presiding over the Council meeting Photo I Prasant Madugula

VIJAYAWADA: Mayor Rayana Bhagya Lakshmi chaired the general Council meeting of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) on Wednesday. A total of 122 proposals were discussed. Of them, 80 proposals were approved and 42 proposals were referred to special committees.

Deputy Mayor Bellam Durga, A Sri Shailaja Reddy, TDP floor leader Balaswamy, corporators, and others were present. Various issues reported in the city such as ongoing development works, implementation of government schemes, water pollution, and mosquito prevention were discussed.

TDP corporators staged a protest, insisting that media be allowed to attend the council meeting. Following this, the Mayor adjourned the session for 10 minutes to address their concerns. Some of the key agenda items approved were: setting up of a memorial forest for former MLA Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao near Varadhi, hike in divisional development budgets for corporators from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, requesting the government to withdraw garbage taxes, approval of Rs 5 lakh compensation to the families of 10 individuals who died due to diarrhoea in May, expediting road projects, including an underpass beneath the Screw Bridge, construction of new roads in the 43rd Division Police Colony to address water-logging issues during rains, approval for conducting the annual sports festival in 2024, allocation of TIDCO houses with proper facilities to beneficiaries, construction of public toilets in three major areas of Krishna Lanka, relocation of mango market under the jurisdiction of the 34th division, and transfer of maintenance costs for traffic signal equipment insulation to the State government as requested by TDP corporators.

Corporators expressed concern over incidents of dog bites in Vijayawada. They rued that despite several discussions in the Council on issues related to menace of dogs and monkeys. The Council decided that appropriate action should be taken by the authorities to address these issues. The Mayor lashed out at the authorities for dumping silt in the Krishna River.

There was a discussion about proposing a special place for silt dumping. Concerns were raised that if the outfall drain is closed, areas like Ranigari Thota and Bhupesh Gupta Nagar would be submerged during rains. YSRC corporators demanded action on outfall drain, even if it meant cutting the retaining wall. During the question and answer session, members questioned the leases and regulations governing the parking spaces managed by VMC and alleged that some contractors were illegally collecting parking fees. TDP floor leader Nellibandla Balaswamy claimed that illegal parking fee was being charged in the flower market. He was informed that parking fee was being collected as per rules established at the time of signing lease.

Accusing the State government of suppressing the Mayor’s rights, CPM corporator Boya Satthibabu alleged that no summer action plan was implemented, leading to haphazard distribution of drinking water and spread of diarrhoea. “Officially, 10 people died because of diarrhoea, but the unofficial number is reportedly higher. Neither the Mayor nor her deputies visited the victims,” he pointed out.

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