Mangaluru doctors develop innovative 'bubble helmet' to help patients fight COVID-19

Express News Service | Published: 08th May 2020 03:05 PM
Dr Ganapathi and his team with a patient wearing a bubble helmet

MANGALURU: A team of doctors in Mangaluru has developed a 'bubble helmet' as an alternative for the traditional oxygen masks to ensure more effective treatment of patients battling COVID-19.

The team is led by Dr Ganapathi, medical director of Mangala Hospital and Mangala Kidney Foundation in the city. Speaking to The New Indian Express, Dr Ganapathi said, "This equipment will be revolutionary in the treatment of COVID-19. The bubble helmet completely covers the head of the patient and will be connected through a special collar on it. The device will help the patient overcome breathing problems and avoid using a ventilator."

He further said that bubble helmets which are transparent and airtight help patients with respiratory problems breathe better and are more effective than face masks, according to a study.

"In fact, the head gear is so effective, it can prevent the critically ill from needing non-invasive ventilation. The helmet is sealed with an airtight collar that wraps around the user's neck. It also has several advantages over the face mask including the fact that it is less likely to leak," he said.

Medics are also able to increase air pressure into the helmet which keeps the airway and lungs open, improving oxygen levels. Patients also found it more comfortable and were able to watch television or read a book.

The automatic disinfection gateway is another piece of equipment which has been developed. This is designed to  decontaminate people, one at a time. It is completely controlled electronically as the sensors mounted in the chamber detect the entry of a person and start the hydrogen peroxide mist generation process.

"We will hand over the technology and have taken a patent on the product," Dr Ganapathi said.

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