Bengaluru residents demand stakeholder role in delayed Ejipura Flyover project

Citizens seek participation as stakeholders in much-delayed Ejipura Flyover work to ensure timely completion.
Much-delayed Ejipura Flyover project
Much-delayed Ejipura Flyover projectPhoto | Express

BENGALURU: The much-delayed Ejipura Flyover project, which has put the authorities in an embarrassing spot, is in the news once again. 

After work on the flyover, ridiculed as Bengaluru’s Stonehenge, has restarted after a prolonged delay, locals have little hope over its timely completion. Hence, they demand that they be included as stakeholders in the project to ensure its timely completion. They have also demanded the State Government and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) deploy a project management agency at the project site to review the progress on a daily basis. 

Residents said that there is a need to complete the work at the earliest as work on Namma Metro’s 3 A Sarjapura Line will commence soon and it will pass through Koramanagala, where the Ejipura Flyover will end. 

At present, pre-casts for the flyover are being done at remote sites, and no one is aware of what is happening, the residents allege. So, an independent agency should be involved to monitor the progress, and residents should act as watchdogs, they said. 

Nitin Seshadri, a citizen activist and a resident closely following the project, said that though the present contractor has agreed to use the pre-casts that were made by the previous agency and are piled in a unit on Bannerghatta Road, the new casts are being done in Kolkata and there is no report with the government on what and how much is being done. To ensure that the old cast segments are fit for use, the BBMP had taken the opinion from IISc experts. 

Officials of the BBMP and Urban Development Department agree that after Peripheral Ring Road, the Ejipura Flyover project is the longest delayed project in the city. The last project that took nearly eight years to complete was the Domlur Flyover. It was also delayed because of problems with the contractors, the officials explained.  

UDD officials also admitted that land acquisition along 100 Ft Road in Koramanagala after Kendriya Sadan and at St John’s Medical College is yet to be done. A private building near the 100 Ft Road junction also needs to be demolished. 

Despite repeated interventions from ministers, including Ramalinga Reddy, and MP Tejaswi Surya, on the 2.5-km long flyover, only 30% work is completed. 

Earlier, Simplex Infra Private Ltd was awarded the contract for Ejipura Flyover. The company was blacklisted, and following Karnataka High Court orders, the government cancelled the contract in March 2022. Later in July 2023, the work was awarded to Hyderabad-based firm BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd. 

BBMP Chief Engineer M Lokesh said that the project will be completed by December 2025. He agreed that the delay had escalated the project cost from Rs 170 crore to Rs 230 crore. Locals, however, say the project is unlikely to see the light of day before 2026.

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