Dil mein Rajeev, Dilli mein Rajeev: Meet the tech-savvy Ernakulam CPM candidate 

By Bechu S| Online Desk | Published: 19th April 2019 04:04 PM
LDF candidate from Ernakulam constituency P Rajeev during a poll rally (Facebook Photo)

When the Students Federation of India (SFI) under P Rajeev launched its official website in 1999, the world was still eight years away from getting the first iPhone and the Election Commission website was hardly a year old.

It might be amusing to some that the first student organisation to have a website of its own in the country belongs to the same party - CPM - that is still ridiculed for its anti-computerisation stand in the past. This wouldn't have been possible without a visionary like Rajeev.

Now, almost two decades down the line, he has progressed through the party ranks to become an ex-Rajya Sabha member and a candidate aiming to make it to the 17th Lok Sabha. His tech savviness has kept pace too.

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Two weeks ago, Rajeev launched an official app on Google Play Store to extend his connect with voters on cyberspace.

The 'Rajeev' app includes the route map of his daily tours, roadshows and campaign rallies, along with articles on him and a gallery. Also, included are write-ups in Malayalam responding to criticisms and concerns from the voters. Catchy photos and videos of his interaction with the public during his constituency tour are updated in the gallery section.

The app sends push notifications once new content is added. A small section has been set aside to display his achievements and track record as a politician and Parliamentarian.

Screengrabs from 'P Rajeev'  mobile app

The former district secretary of the CPM is active on Facebook as well, writing many of the posts himself. While he has a social media team to run his official page, Rajeev said nothing is hosted without his approval.

"I have always tried to interact and utilise the social media and other internet applications. For many years now, I have been using gadgets to do my writings. It is important to keep track of technological advancements and adapt to them," Rajeev said.

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He remembered how senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in a farewell speech in the Rajya Sabha jokingly offered a brand new laptop in exchange for his iPad and its content.

"I try to converse with the voters instead of just putting up posts on a regular basis. The Live option on Facebook, for example, is an excellent way for people to interact with us. I have replied to people's questions over Live and try to host maximum videos using it," Rajeev said.

'Dil mein Rajeev, Dilli mein Rajeev'

A handful of celebrities including actor Rima Kallingal and her husband, the director Aashiq Abu, are among the LDF candidate's cyber supporters. They have been posting videos and photos seeking vote for their comrade friend through their personal handles.

Rajeev recently released his 'election anthem' on Facebook after a visit to Maharaja's College, Ernakulam. 

The song that begins with the Hindi slogan Dil mein Rajeev, Dilli mein Rajeev (Rajeev in heart, Rajeev in Delhi!) which have become a hit already was composed by popular music director Bijibal. The lyrics were written by Ajeesh Dasan, who had written a song for the recent Malayalam hit movie Joseph.

Many independent adaptations of the song are also made and circulated over the social media by the party supporters.

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