No going back on SilverLine: Pinarayi; attempt to create Nandigram in Kerala, says Kodiyeri

Protests against SilverLine part of deliberate attempt to block state’s development, says chief minister
Congress and BJP workers protesting against the SilverLine project at Chottanikkara.
Congress and BJP workers protesting against the SilverLine project at Chottanikkara.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In spite of mounting protests against the stone-laying for SilverLine’s Social Impact Assessment, both Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the CPM leadership have made it clear that the government will go ahead with the project.

While Pinarayi termed the protests part of a deliberate attempt to block the state’s development, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the agitations are politically motivated. Responding to UDF accusations, Kodiyeri alleged that the opposition was trying to create a Nandigram in Kerala.

Inaugurating the KSTA state conference here on Saturday, Pinarayi said whatever the government has promised, the same will be implemented on the ground. “None of the projects will remain only on paper. How much ever be the opposition, the government will go ahead with the project,” the CM said.

“SilverLine is for future generations. The government is trying to create a new Kerala. While the entire state supports the same, only a section of people feel that it should never happen,” he added. Referring to the widespread protests against the stone-laying, Pinarayi said that it is the Opposition UDF and BJP that have been standing in way of the state’s development.

“They do not want Kerala to move even an inch forward. Earlier too, such attempts were made. The state made progress, only by defeating such moves. The people have woken up to such attempts,” said Pinarayi.

Later speaking to the media, Kodiyeri termed the protests as politically motivated, and that such moves will be politically dealt with. “The UDF attempt is to create a Nandigram in Kerala. It’s a planned and deliberate attempt to create a riot-like situation leading to police firing,” alleged Kodiyeri.

Kodiyeri said the LDF government will not withdraw the project. It does not intend to fight with the masses. But when police come under attack, they will retaliate. “Let the Opposition go ahead with agitations. We are not against that. But the LDF government will not surrender to protests and move away from projects,” he reiterated. The government will implement the project by taking the public into confidence. The government is always open to listening to people who are at the receiving end,” he added.

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