Panmana Jamath sets example, to facilitate dignified burial for orphans

The initiative, undertaken on August 11, was led by the Panmana Puthussery Jamath committee under the leadership of Valiyathu Ibrahim Kutty, president of Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath.
Image for representational purposes only. (File Photo)
Image for representational purposes only. (File Photo)

KOLLAM:  In the serene village of Panmana, in Kollam, a touching display of compassion and inclusivity has emerged. The Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath has embarked on a noble mission, extending a helping hand to provide a final resting place for departed orphaned individuals.

Their remains will find eternal repose within the burial grounds affiliated with the mosques of Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath. The jamath is also committed to establishing separate grounds adjacent to the burial area for persons of different religious backgrounds. The interment will be conducted in accordance with religious beliefs cherished by the departed.

The initiative, undertaken on August 11, was led by the Panmana Puthussery Jamath committee under the leadership of Valiyathu Ibrahim Kutty, president of Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath and Karunagappally Taluk Jamath.

Valiyathu Ibrahim Kutty said the entire executive committee, comprising 51 members, enthusiastically embraced the noble endeavour. The overarching aim of the initiative is to reignite faith in humanity, especially during times marked by heightened religious divisions.

“Our gesture stands as a beacon of compassion and love, setting an example for future generations,” said Valiyathu Ibrahim Kutty. “The impetus behind this initiative was a poignant incident. D Sreekumar, a senior officer with the Kollam special branch, approached us, sharing news of their passing away due to cancer of Ismayil at the Alappuzha Government Medical College Hospital.

With no family or arrangements for a proper burial, we took it upon ourselves to ensure a dignified farewell for the Kollam Port employee within the precincts of our mosque. This incident fuelled our determination to extend the same solace to any orphaned individual in future,” he said. “Such a gesture will restore faith in humanity. You don’t need millions of rupees to help others,” said Sreekumar. 

‘Financial commitments to be covered by jamath’

In his role as president of Karunagappally Taluk Jamath, Valiyathu Ibrahim Kutty has issued directives to the 35 jamaths in Karunagappally, urging them to follow suit and facilitate burials for orphaned individuals within their mosque premises.

“My responsibility as president of Karunagappally Taluk Jamath involves guiding these 35 jamaths to implement the necessary measures. However, the ultimate decision rests with each individual Jamath and its executive committee.

We firmly believe that this proposal will garner unanimous support,” he affirmed. All financial responsibilities associated with this endeavour will be assumed by the Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath. Prior to interment, a comprehensive police verification process will be conducted to ensure accurate information about the deceased.

S Shoukat, secretary of Panmana Puthusserikkotta Jamath, said: “The financial commitments, including police verification, will be fully covered by the jamath. We hold an optimistic outlook that our initiative will serve as an inspiration to other jamaths.

Furthermore, we perceive this endeavour as not only a fundamental right but also a genuine embodiment of our religious principles, as we firmly believe that every human being deserves a fitting burial ground.”

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