National Transplant Games| This could become a biennial event: Dr Jose Chacko

Dr Jose Chacko Periappuram, talks to TNIE about the idea behind organising the National Transplant Games. 
Image used for representational purpose (Express Illustration)
Image used for representational purpose (Express Illustration)

Dr Jose Chacko Periappuram, chairman of the Heartcare Foundation and head of the department of cardio-thoracic surgery and senior consultant surgeon at Lisie Hospital, talks to TNIE about the idea behind organising the National Transplant Games.  

What inspired you to organise the Games?
At the international level, there is the World Transplant Games. Dinoy Thomas, who received a heart around 10 years ago, participated in the 24th edition held in Australia this April. This inspired us to organise a similar event in India. 

What is the expected participation?
Around 350 individuals have registered for the Games. Of this, 30 to 50 participants will be from outside Kerala. 

Several risk factors are involved in organising such an event. What are the preparations?
We will have a medical backup. Moreover, those participating in events such as athletics will need to submit a fitness certificate. We have partnered with Ernakulam Medical Trust Hospital for on-site medical services, ambulance, doctors, and services like emergency medicine.

What message is the event intended to give?
We aim to honour organ donors and their families to raise the morale and confidence of organ recipients and to convince society that after a certain period, people who have undergone organ transplant surgeries can lead normal lives like others and create awareness about organ donation. Moreover, there are a lot of misconceptions about the quality of life after a transplant surgery. We aim to create awareness that even after an organ transplantation, the individual can lead a healthy life. 

Do you have plans to organise the event in the coming years as well?
Yes, if not every year, at least once in two years. We are organising the Games with the help of several corporate sponsors. The money was collected through donations and sponsorships.

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