Startup from Thiruvananthapuram set to revolutionise filmmaking through AI technology

By Krishnachand K| Express News Service | Published: 13th October 2023 09:49 AM
An AI-generated picture of the team

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is making its presence felt in most sectors, can the movie industry be spared? Developed by Accubits Technologies, a startup based in Technopark, Dcult Studio promises to revolutionise filmmaking. It transforms written narratives into cinematic-quality storyboards, providing filmmakers with a visual guide that is not only accurate but emotionally resonant with the script’s essence through the use of AI technology.

The technology first transforms written scripts into normal computer-text format (prompt) and then into an AI image. Filmmakers can access, download, or print hard copies of these AI storyboards during the shoot. The AI-driven technology meticulously analyses scripts, identifies key scenes and elements, and translates them into detailed storyboards. This process, which traditionally could take weeks or months with the assistance of artists, is significantly condensed, saving filmmakers both time and capital. Earlier, artists used to draw scene-by-scene by including all the characters and their emotions. This used to consume a lot of time.

Gokul A, founder of DCult Studio and co-founder of Accubits, said the reduced effort and swift creation of detailed, accurate storyboards mean that filmmakers can allocate their resources more effectively, ensuring that their creative vision is not compromised by budgetary constraints.

 Comparison of conventional storyboard with AI

“We believe that stories are the thread that weave our shared human experience. Our technology is designed to be an invisible ally to filmmakers, silently working in the background, ensuring their stories -- their emotional and creative investments -- are visualised in a way that stays true to their original essence,” Gokul said.

The startup has already pitched this technology to leading production houses in the Malayalam film industry. Production houses such as Mammootty Kampany, Wayfarer Films, Prithviraj Productions, and producer Sophia Paul have expressed an interest in working with DCult Studio. Gokul said he plans to popularise the first-of-its-kind technology in the country to ensure its adoption by more movie industries. “As a film producer and production controller, I have found AI storyboarding to be an invaluable tool in saving both time and money during the pre-production phase.

By using AI to create detailed storyboards, we were able to visualise and plan out each shot with precision, eliminating the need for expensive reshoots or additional shooting days. This streamlined our production process and significantly reduced our overall budget,” said Rinny Divakar, who co-produced the recently released film Kasargold. 

The seven-member team behind Dcult Studio is a blend of the creative and the technological. Their collective expertise and passion are the driving force behind the platform, ensuring it remains a space that truly understands and caters to the needs of filmmakers. The team is not merely building a tool; they are crafting a solution that helps creators, providing a space where their stories can be nurtured and brought to life.

According to Gokul, Dcult Studio is not just a platform; it is a movement towards a future where every story, from every corner of the globe, can be told without barriers. 

“It is a space where filmmakers, regardless of their scale, budget, or expertise, can bring their narratives to life, unhindered by the traditional challenges of pre-production,” he added.

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