A journey of resilience: Kollam man’s rise from tragedy to triumph

Despite his challenges, Shan managed to continue his corporate job while nurturing his love for sports.
Shan S
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KOLLAM: Anchal native Shan S was just 21 years old and had only secured his first job when life took a dramatic turn. He was involved in a devastating train accident in 2013 that resulted in the loss of both his legs while travelling home from Thiruvananthapuram, where he was working at Technopark.

However, instead of letting his circumstances define him, Shan embraced his passion for swimming and sports. Reflecting on his journey with TNIE, Shan said, “The accident could have ended my life, but it became a motivation to pursue my passion for sports. Learning to swim without legs was incredibly challenging, and finding an instructor willing to teach me was tough.” Driven by passion and willpower, Shan was successful in pursuing his dream. In 2022, he achieved first place in the state-level para-swimming competition. By 2023, he represented Kerala at the national level and completed the 400-metre swimming competition in Kochi, racing in the Periyar river.

“My relatives often teased me about my condition, which led to a period of deep depression. But once I accepted my reality, I began to chase my passion. It’s not just about individual determination; having support from people, though not necessarily from relatives, is crucial. I received help from a Thrissur-based community called Sri, which sponsored my prosthetic leg. Reflections Global, where I was working at the time of the accident, also supported me financially and emotionally,” Shan said.

Despite his challenges, Shan managed to continue his corporate job while nurturing his love for sports. He has participated in numerous marathons and even modelled for several brands. Currently residing in Kochi, Shan has recently resigned his corporate job to focus on his swimming career. He is now training for both national and international competitions.

“I aim to push my limits beyond what seems possible. In addition to competing in swimming, I am preparing to climb Mount Everest. Life is unpredictable, and I want to live it to the fullest,” Shan told TNIE.

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