Kerala fails to send woman representative to Lok Sabha; call for more women participation

Women are capable of leading and they need to be provided with more opportunities.
Image used for representation
Image used for representation

KOCHI: At a time when the nation is discussing the Women’s Reservation Bill and the representation of women, Kerala, which is considered a progressive state, has failed to send a woman representative to Lok Sabha.

Though nine women candidates – UDF’s Ramya Haridas, LDF’s K K Shylaja, Annie Raja, K J Shine, and NDA’s Sobha Surendran, T N Sarassu, Sangeetha Viswanathan, M L Ashwini, and Niveditha Subrahmanian contested in the general election from Kerala, none of them could make it to Parliament.

The scenario is a result of the lack of women candidates as well as efforts from political parties, according to Sulfath M, a leader of the Equal Representation Movement.

“It is disappointing that a progressive state like Kerala does not have a woman MP in Lok Sabha. It shows that the UDF, LDF and the NDA need to give more opportunities to women candidates. The women candidates fielded by the three fronts were strong. These political parties should have put in more efforts to ensure the victory of women candidates,” she said.

In 2014 and 2019, LDF’s P K Sreemathi and UDF’s Ramya Haridas, respectively, won the Lok Sabha elections in the state.

Women are capable of leading and they need to be provided with more opportunities.

“At the panchayat level, we have proved that women can lead. We need to implement similar policies at the assembly and parliament levels as well. For that, reservation and structural modifications at the organisational levels are required. Women should be more accepted as politicians and leaders,” said K J Shine, the LDF candidate in Ernakulam.

“There is a notion that a woman candidate cannot win over male candidates. In a democracy, the participation of all sections is important. Unfortunately, we don’t have one. In future elections, we should consider it and ensure the representation of women,” added Sulfath.

“With more opportunities and practice, women will also prove to society that they are capable of being in the profession,” according to Shine.

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