43-year-old Kerala man sentenced to rigorous imprisonment till death in Pocso case

The Attingal court’s verdict is among the longest sentences imposed in POCSO cases in the state.
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THIRUVANANTHAPURA : The Attingal Fast Track Special Court on Friday sentenced Binu Kumar, 43, to rigorous imprisonment till death and imposed a fine of Rs 14.5 lakh for sexually assaulting two minor girls over two years.

In his verdict, Judge Biju Kumar C R emphasised the seriousness of the crime. Highlighting severe betrayal of trust and extreme cruelty involved, the court ruled that the accused who disregarded familial ties and moral bonds does not deserve any leniency. The Attingal court’s verdict is among the longest sentences imposed in POCSO cases in the state. Binu Kumar, who had the authority and responsibility as a relative and guardian, was convicted under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code and the POCSO Act for his repeated sexual assaults and physical abuse.

In the case involving the elder girl, the police registered statements from 26 witnesses and presented 31 documents as evidence. In the case related to the sexual assault of the second child, the prosecution examined 24 witnesses and relied on 27 documents as evidence.

The accused, who established a relationship with the mother of the children, moved in as their stepfather and subjected the survivors to continual sexual abuse for over two years. He forced them to consume alcohol, caused physical harm, and threatened them.

“The childhood of the survivors, who had to live with the accused, was marked by unprecedented cruelty,” the prosecutor said. Binu, who fathered another child with the survivors’ mother, began abusing the elder girl as soon as she reached a certain age and denied them medical care even when they were sick.

The mother had to live with Binu due to a rift with the father of the girls. The accused, who had familial ties with the mother, took the family to a distant place. They lived in rented houses and he abused the girls sexually, claiming authority and control over them as their stepfather. Binu would break the locks of the doors, which the girls had secured for safety, and abuse them, mostly at night. Fearing his presence, the survivors and their mother sought refuge with neighbours, leading to the villagers intervening and expelling him from the house.

The girls, too scared to reveal the abuse because of the threats, even contemplated suicide, the prosecution argued.

Finally, unable to continue living with the accused, the girls took refuge with a relative. The police registered a case after recording their statements. “During the trial, the girls were scared by the sight of the accused again,” said special public prosecutor M Muhsin.

Prakash, who was the sub-inspector at the Achankovil police station, registered an FIR and launched an investigation. As the crime was found to have occurred within the jurisdiction of the Pallickal police station, Sub Inspector M Sahil re-registered the FIR and Inspector Sreejith P completed the investigation and submitted the chargesheet.

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