Tiruppur exporters seek government aid as winter orders surge from US, Europe

The global economy is bouncing back after the Covid-19 pandemic and orders have started coming to Tiruppur from the US and European countries.
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TIRUPPUR: Stating that Tiruppur is finding its feet back after the Covid and the global geopolitical situations, knitwear exporters appealed to the union government to announce special financial schemes like unconditional loans to meet the rising demand from the USA and Europe.

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Tamil Nadu: Tiruppur exporters say orders from the West increase

MP Muthurathnam, president of Tiruppur Exporters and Manufacturers Association, said, “For the last 10 years, the knitwear industry faced various problems. The central government’s economic restructuring measures like demonetisation and GST affected the industry at the beginning of the decade. After that, the sector was affected by Covid-19 outbreak and order flow was reduced significantly. The global economy is bouncing back and orders have started coming to Tiruppur from the US and European countries.”

“In the last decade, around 50 % of SMEs in knitwear manufacturing sector in Tiruppur closed down due to various difficulties. Now orders are starting to come in. Most of them are orders for the winter season. We should take advantage of this. The union and state governments should help us with that. A special financial scheme and also provide unconditional loans to exporters,” he added.

Further, he said, “Currently, the union government has appointed a separate minister for the textile industry. The new minister should expedite measures to help exporters and also domestic production. In particular, import of duty-free ready-made garments from Bangladesh should be banned.”

G Jeevanantham, owner of a job work unit, said, “Three years ago, I closed my job works unit and engaged in livestock husbandry. Recently, I received a call from the contractor who used to place orders. I am planning to open my unit soon.”

KM Subramaniam, president of the Tiruppur Exporters Association (TEA), said, “At present the order flow for Tiruppur knitwear industry is good. We should take advantage of the China-Plus-One strategy of buyers from foreign countries. This will help our sector to travel on the path of growth.”
Tiruppur exports around Rs 35,000 crore worth of goods per annum and produces Rs 30,000 crore worth domestically, sources said.

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