Chandru panel report will lead to caste hierarchy: BJP

Annamalai took exception to another recommendation that the students should be seated only in the alphabetic order of their names.
TN BJP president K Annamalai
TN BJP president K Annamalai(File photo)

CHENNAI: BJP state president K Annamalai on Wednesday took strong exception to the recommendations made by Justice K Chandru in his report on tackling caste-based differences in schools and colleges and said Chief Minister M K Stalin should take into consideration the views of all sections before implementing the recommendations.

“If we implement the committee’s recommendations, caste hierarchy in schools will increase in the next five years,” the BJP leader told reporters later at a press conference.

Earlier in the day, senior state BJP leader H Raja said the party’s core committee meeting adopted a resolution urging the government to reject the report. “It is controversial as the recommendations made are against the Hindu religion.

The government should reject this report in toto as it recommends prohibiting students from wearing coloured wristbands and forehead marks (tilaka). These are nothing but recommendations from evangelical groups. There are also many impractical recommendations,” he said.

Annamalai said, “The CM should consider views of all sections and the recommendations should be implemented with the help of a task force.”

Seating students in alphabetic order may not work: BJP chief

Annamalai, however, added that the party agrees there should not be any caste-based violence in educational institutions. “The report says Kallar reclamation schools and Adi Dravida schools should be brought under the school education department.

The BJP doesn’t agree with this as cetain communities require special concessions. The committee also says members of a dominant community in a specific area should not become teachers of the schools in that locality,” he said.

Annamalai took exception to another recommendation that the students should be seated only in the alphabetic order of their names. He said if a taller student whose name starts with A is seated in the front row, he/she will hinder the view of the other students.

He said the BJP also did not agree with the recommendations of rohibiting students from wearing coloured wristbands and tilak, and the formation of a samooga neethi padai for students.

Annamalai contended that Justice Chandru’s use of the phrase saffronisation of education showed the latter’s shortsightedness. “Justice Chandru should also accept that there is baseless glorification of Dravidian ideology in textbooks. If elections are held in schools, caste politics will poke its nose into the schools,” he added.

‘A few teachers encourage casteist feeling in Students’

Chennai: The full report of the one-man committee headed by Justice K Chandru on the steps to be taken to free schools and colleges from caste animosity, which was accessed by TNIE, revealed that the numerous representations received by the committee showed that a section of teachers themselves are mainly responsible for encouraging casteist feelings among students

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