Off the cuff

The video, played on a news channel, left netizens amused and inspired in equal parts.
Off the cuff

Fantasy unfulfilled

Puducherry assembly speaker R Selvam recently attended the inauguration of bore works in his Manavely constituency. During the event, some members of the public submitted petitions regarding grievances. Speaking to them, Selvam remarked that if state minister A Namassivayam had been elected as MP from Puducherry, he would have become a central minister, and Selvam himself would have become a state minister, thereby addressing people’s issues more effectively. The video of his statement went viral on social media, highlighting his desire to become a minister. It is notable that in the recent Lok Sabha election, Congress candidate V Vaithilingam secured 4,500 more votes than BJP candidate A Namassivayam in the Manavely assembly segment.

High on patriotism

The Tamil word ‘kudimagan’ refers to citizen. In jest, it can also refer to an alcoholic. While alcoholics are not model citizens by any measure, an assorted group of kudimagans in a Madurai bar at least got the optics right. While watching a cricket match at a bar and when the national anthem played on the big screen, the kudimagans rose from their seats and stood in rapt attention. One even held a salute for the entire 52 seconds. The video, played on a news channel, left netizens amused and inspired in equal parts.

Emboldened bunch

Journalists in Tirunelveli often report both good and bad aspects about Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. However, the present hospital administration does not want journalists to point out its flaws. Recently, there was water stagnation inside the hospital’s super specialty block campus. On being informed by some patients, a journalist was covering the issue. However, some hospital staff including an assistant residential medical officer, rushed to the spot and allegedly attempted to attack the journalist for his coverage. The journalist submitted a complaint against the staff to the city police, while a hospital administrator filed a counter-complaint against the journalist. Police held talks between both parties and doused the heat.

Centre, sun and power

The centre had launched the PM Surya Ghar Solar Scheme, aiming to include one crore households across India within a year. Tangedco initially set a target to reach 25 lakh consumers in the state. However, due to political reasons, the concerned minister showed little interest to take forward the scheme. Officials also hesitated to discuss the matter with the minister. As a result, thousands of applications uploaded on the union government’s national portal are still pending.

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