Telangana: Party that cuts into BRS vote share will cross double digits

The BJP, which banked on the Modi wave, is confident of winning 12 seats.
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HYDERABAD: Though most of the exit polls predicted that the BJP will secure more Lok Sabha seats than the Congress in Telangana, which among these two parties will actually cross double digits depends on who managed to cut into the traditional vote share of the BRS.

A day after the exit polls results were announced, the political parties have started making their own calculations with regard to polling percentage recorded in the May 13 election as well as vote share of their respective parties.

While most of the prominent exit polls predicted the BJP’s victory in 10 to 12 LS seats, a few agencies gave a slight edge to the Congress in eight to 10 seats.

The ruling Congress was confident of “easily” securing nine to 10 seats but the reports of various surveys suggest that it may have to settle for five to six seats.

The BJP, which banked on the Modi wave, is confident of winning 12 seats.

The party’s state leaders believe that their candidates were able to garner at least six to eight per cent of BRS vote share which, according to them, will help the saffron party achieve its double digit target.

The Congress leaders, including seniors, are of the opinion that if the vote share of the BRS is below 20 per cent, it will be beneficial for the Congress.

The pink party secured 37 per cent votes in the 2023 Assembly elections and if its vote share in the Lok Sabha polls is below 20 per cent, the Congress leaders believe that their candidates would have received a major share of the remaining 17 per cent votes, which will help the grand old party secure at least 10 seats .

According to them, at least 10 per cent of traditional BRS voters supported the Congress candidates, helping it secure 49 per cent vote share. The party’s vote share in the Assembly polls was 39 per cent.

The BRS was hoping to secure three to four Lok Sabha seats, but most of the surveys predicted that it will not win even a single seat.

The pink party leaders, meanwhile, said that they will wait for the actual results to be announced on June 4.

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