Six held in Delhi for Madhapur pub scam

Police arrest six in Delhi for 'pub trap' scam, victims lured, coerced into paying exorbitant bills. More arrests expected.
Image used for representational purposes only.
Image used for representational purposes only.

HYDERABAD : Madhapur police arrested six individuals in Delhi on Tuesday in connection with a ‘pub trap’ scam, in which young men looking for dates ended up paying exorbitant bills. The accused are being transported to Hyderabad for further investigation.

Preliminary findings suggest that the main accused paid a significant amount to rent the pub, which was then recouped by charging unsuspecting customers excessively.

The owner of the pub was said to be unaware of the scam orchestrated by a Delhi-based individual who rented the venue for the events.

According to sources, the main accused rented the pub and organised events, where patrons were taken to the venue by their attractive dates.

Once at the pub, these patrons were subjected to inflated bills. The victims were coerced into paying these exorbitant amounts under the pressure of social embarrassment and deceit.

Despite the arrest of six individuals, police are saying there can be more individuals to be arrested as many victims are yet to come forward and file formal complaints.

However, many victims are reluctant due to privacy concerns, with their families unaware that they fell prey to the deceptive scheme.

“We understand the sensitivity and privacy concerns of the victims, but their cooperation is crucial for a thorough investigation and to bring the perpetrators to justice,” said a senior police official.

He added that they will protect the identities of all victims and we will handle their cases with the utmost confidentiality.

If the victims can provide the transactions of the bill payments, the police said they will work on recovering the amount the victims paid to the pub.

The police are also investigating the financial trail and the logistics behind the scam.

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