Hyderabad police caution people against cash transfer fraud

The victims realised they had been swindled when the promised transfers never reflected in their accounts.
Representative image
Representative image

HYDERABAD: Jubilee Hills police recently nabbed one Narra Sandeep Kumar for deceiving individuals by promising to transfer cash.

The modus operandi adopted by Sandeep Kumar was new, but effective, police said. The fraudster, a resident of Santhosh Nagar, Saidabad, reportedly approached unsuspecting victims at the SBI ATM on Road No. 45. Stating that he needed to deposit money, he convinced his victims to hand over cash.

Sandeep Kumar then employed a sophisticated trick: Using a fake Paytm app, he sent messages to victims, making it appear as though he had transferred the money they had given in cash to him, to their accounts. Convinced by fake transaction notifications, the victims went on their way. Raju, one of the duped individuals, lost Rs 35,000, while another victim, Srinu, was conned out of Rs 12,000.

The victims realised they had been swindled when the promised transfers were never reflected in their accounts. They lodged complaints with the local police, who launched an investigation into the matter. The diligence of the police paid off when they found Sandeep Kumar conducting reconnaissance in another area, possibly targeting his next victim.

Following his arrest, Sandeep Kumar was charged with fraud under relevant Sections of the law. He was arrested and sent to judicial remand. The police warned the public to be vigilant and verify any financial transactions, especially when dealing with unknown individuals, to avoid falling prey to similar scams.

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