TSRTC bus conductor takes up voter awareness campaign in Khammam

He is appealing to people to cast vote without fail for the sake of good governance.
Md Gowse Pasha drives with a placard on his vehicle to spread voter awareness
Md Gowse Pasha drives with a placard on his vehicle to spread voter awareness(Photo | Express)

KHAMMAM: Participation of a large number of voters in the electoral process is important for democracy to flourish. In democratic countries, including India, a major problem is indifference of voters to the electoral process. Government bodies, private organisations and individuals do their bit to encourage people to vote in every election to ensure the success of democracy.

Like many others, a 56-year-old TSRTC bus conductor, Md Gowse Pasha of Khammam depot, has taken upon himself the responsibility of creating awareness about the importance of voting among people for the past 20 days in Khammam town as well as surrounding villages.

He goes about the town and nearby villages with a placard hung to his scooter emphasising the importance of exercising franchise in the parliament elections on Monday. He is appealing to people to cast a vote without fail for the sake of good governance.

According to Gowse Pasha, who is creating awareness on the day of his weekly off, people should vote wisely to choose their representative to ensure a bright future for their children.

Speaking to TNIE, he said, ‘’I would be happy if my effort encourages at least some people to vote. Everybody should cast vote to elect a strong government.”

Gowse Pasha has also been known for other social activities for the last 10 years in Khammam. He fills potholes on roads to make them safe for citizens. When asked why he is doing this when it’s the responsibility of the civic body, Gowse Pasha says, “These potholes could prove dangerous for children and aged people. I feel it’s my civic responsibility to chip in to ensure the safety of people.”

He also created awareness about following precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic. He planted over 500 saplings in Khammam and watered them until they grew to their full size. Gowse Pasha, who has two sons and a daughter, says God is his inspiration and he will continue to do social service till his last breath.

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