Loksabha poll Results to have direct impact on Telangana CM Revanth’s power in party

If Congress wins majority of seats, CM’s influence will remain intact
Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy
Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth ReddyPhoto | Express

HYDERABAD: While the results of the Lok Sabha elections would have a bearing on the political future of all the parties and individuals involved, for Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, a poor showing by the Congress would throw up many challenges to his rule.

While Revanth has expressed confidence that the Congress will win 13 seats in the state, the fact remains that his political standing is based on the result. Achieving this target would bolster his influence and authority within the party, but falling short may lead to dissension from within the party and questions about his leadership.

A key issue for Revanth is the freedom to make political appointments and nominate close aides to key posts. If the party fails to achieve the expected number of seats, his position could be weakened, making it difficult for the TPCC chief to appoint his allies in strategic positions.

The expansion of the Cabinet would also pose a major challenge, in case the Congress fails to meet its target of double digit seats. However, success would allow Revanth to get the high command to agree to his nominees to the Cabinet, according to social and political equations favourable to him. Conversely, a poor showing could result in increased pressure from Congress veterans who want their choices in the Cabinet. This would pose a threat to Revanth’s control.

The TPCC chief has promised to make an MLA from the Mudiraj community a minister if the voters in Mahbubnagar back the Congress overwhelmingly. Again, a poor showing in the elections would likely tie the chief minister’s hands.

It may be mentioned here that allocation of Rajya Sabha ticket to Revanth’s supporters, including former Union minister Renuka Chowdary and Youth Congress leader Anil Kumar Yadav, and the appointment of close aide Balmoori Venkat Narsinga Rao as an MLC, sparked allegations of favouritism. This has led to discussions about the influence of Revanth’s inner circle. A backlash appears inevitable if the Lok Sabha results are unfavourable.

The chief minister has also pledged to implement the Rs 2 lakh farm loan waiver by August 15 following a challenge by the BRS. This promise is causing tension within the government and among ministers, especially given the lack of prior consultation with Cabinet colleagues.

Revanth’s followers assert confidence in crossing the 10-seat mark, pointing to the TPCC chief’s leadership and collective efforts of ministers and senior leaders. A senior MLA said that the party high command is also observing the activities in the state and the working style of various leaders. The MLA said that Revanth’s hard work and efforts to win a majority of the seats in the state have been noticed.

However, the Lok Sabha results will be crucial in determining Revanth’s leadership ability. The result will also influence the political futures of his team members, who are in charge of various parliamentary constituencies. Success would solidify their positions, while failure could threaten their political careers.

The results would have a bearing on political dynamics and Revanth’s leadership in the immediate future, and the Congress’ standing, in the long term.

Cabinet expansion

The expansion of the Cabinet would also pose a major challenge, in case the Congress fails to meet its target of double digit seats. However, success would allow Revanth to get the high command’s nod to his nominees to the Cabinet, according to equations favourable to him.

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