Dishonest people are fearing: Baba Ramdev

The New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla interviewed Baba Ramdev for Teekhi Baat on IBN 7 Hello! I

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The New Indian Express Editorial Director Prabhu Chawla interviewed Baba Ramdev for Teekhi Baat on IBN 7

Hello! I am Prabhu Chawla, and our guest for today on Teekhi Baat is India’s new Rajguru, Baba Ramdev.

Thank You Prabhuji! You keep on giving me new nomenclatures.

I have given you many nomenclatures, sex guru, tax guru, and many more. I also made you Chanakya, Kautilya,

Please see, my roles may be different, but the basic is Yoga Science, and using that as a base, am making an edifice by people, character, nation building work. And the dishonest people, who have looted lakhs of crores of nations wealth, and who have done injustice to the country, I don’t know they have started fearing.

You are saying right that you are making an edifice, whose foundation is built on sand, and hence falls.

Whatever work we do is strong, now the base of those people is shuddering who have looted the country from the time of independence till now, they have acted are traitors and done injustice to the country. And when they are about to be exposed, they fear and then started making allegations against us, which do not baseless, lies, fabricated. They are doing our character assassination when they have looted lakhs of crores of rupees and then tell that Baba has black money. I have told them from one pie to crore, whatever black money you find, you announce that as national wealth.  If they find I have it, then they should do it, they have put all agencies to work, they have made various allegations through televisions and newspapers.

You are attacked and character assassination is done, you are saying, but the recent Supreme Court judgement said that you followers were not under control, and even followers created some problems, they have got into habit of breaking the law.

At 12 pm in the night, you impose section 144, first time

It is the government’s job to do that.

That means we don’t have a right to sleep. Supreme Court judges say that sleeping is our fundamental right. And now the next issue comes, when section 144 imposition is itself wrong, as stated in the Supreme Court decision, which I have with me,


No, not misuse, they said that should go to high court and appeal that the imposition of section 144 is incorrect, and then come to us. They agreed that it is wrong, but said that since they have taken suo moto cognizance, hence we cannot say it is wrong, but the base of democracy was shaken. The fundamental rights have been attacked, the constitution has been killed, they agreed everything. Delhi police had the aim to declare us at criminals,

You did not get what you were expecting from the Supreme Court judgement. The SC judges that that authority was used in excess, but regarding you they also said that you should have treaded with caution,

There was an attempt to confuse the court, as the CCTV footage has been erased, the police is even confusing the court, and court can talk indicatively, it was stated that the whole thing happened with the knowledge of the home ministry. It is a big thing, the government has turned a killer. And i talk straightly, if anybody does a protest on black money, corruption,  why do they have a problem, are they having black money?  Have they and their forefathers looted the country?

But the SC has given the judgement.

What is our fault Prabhuji, what is our crime.

Henceforth, police won’t do any such thing, they will put a thought to it before doing so.

The next andolan will be a very powerful one, and the ruthlessness and barbaric acts done earlier, they wont be able to do it now. And when the andolan grows 100 and thousand times more stronger, then let us see what they can do.

Babaji, I am following you from 5-6 years, did eight ten interviews of you, I feel that the people who used to come to Babaji before, earlier it was Baba Sharnam Gachchami, now it is the opposite you are going to the sharan of politicians, lawyers.

On the issue of going in the sharan of politicians and laywers, see all politicians are coming to us except for just one party, and even the good people in that party, they like Karan, Bhishma, Dronacharya, people who have conscience left, now you look at any other party, all parties earlier and now also support us, even today the issues that we have raised, tell me any lacunae in those.

Earlier there would be a crowd to meet Babaji, now you are going to the houses of lawyers, good lawyers are standing with you, some of BJP,

We did not go to Supreme Court, but if there is a case, we will have to have a laywer, if we don’t do that, it is wrong. Please see till today I have done gathering of 11 crore people, and even after the barbaric act of June 4, you see from Jhansi to Chitrakoot, and even during elections, in Lucknow, Bandha, Mainpurti I did gathering of thousands and lakhs of people.

I think Baba Ramdev, is digressing from his principles, his basic way.

No I have not at all digressed.

You work was to teach Yoga, wake people, to make people healthy.

Even today in more than one lakh villages….

You said that you will make people fight elections

We said that we will make the nation healthy and rich, Prabhuji, over 84 crore people in the country lives below poverty line, in this country there is so much money, wealth and property but all is looted and taken away, should we sit back and keep quiet, isn’t it the duty of aware citizen of the country. Am I not a citizen of this country before being a sanyasi. Is Rashtra Dharam not ahead of Yoga Dharma. All our works are later, doenst the nation come first. And if the nation is first and if I speak for the country, then what is the crime

Am saying it from earlier that your whole andolan, against black money, that became weak,

That is going on hundred per cent. Please see, if the government does cruel and barbaric acts, that is the ill doing by the government. Please see, till the elections results in five states do not come out, till then they will not understand. Now the way the voting percentage if increasing by 20,30, 40 per cent, that will show how the crimes done by them will be washed away. The next thing is that, before the next elections in 2014, a big andolan would have to be done, then not only their roots will shake, they will be finished. Because they have become so cruel, so arrogant, have you seen the kind of statements they make, that if they don’t get vote and their government is not formed, they will impose presidents rule. They finish off anybody who speaks against them. Now you see, who,  our brother Vinod Rai from CAG, If any person or organisation issued any statement against him,


The people who run the government, the goonda, mafia,

You are talking about the central government or Mayawati?

Am talking of the central government, and that too one party in the central government, not all parties.

Are you speaking of the Congress party at the Centre?

Their name suits your tongue,

I want to hear it from you, why do you fear. You are saying goonda, mafia, but are scared of taking name, that they will nab and take you again.

Prabhuji, our elders have taught us, that should not take names of bad people from ones tongue.

I am not talking of bad people, I am talking of party,

I was telling you that before 2014, there will be a big abhiyan, then they will fall and will not rise for many years.

That means Yoga Guru Ramdevji’s job is to bring about political change, after this you will do less of yoga and more of politics.

Yoga will be 100 per cent there, even now I have residential camps, gatherings, thousands of vaidh, who are doing work with even more humbleness.

Now what your effort is that in the next two years, you want to do bring about a change in the ruling dispensation.

There should be administrative reform, 400 lakh crores which have been looted, that the country should get back, loot should be stopped.

You want political change, the this can happen, isn’t it?

Changing the ruling dispensation can be a support, but the effort is towards administrative reform.

That means you will want to change the parties sitting in power at the centre.

Please see, we want to change this corrupt administration, our target is black money, corrupt government and corrupt administration. We can also be targeted, let them level lakhs of allegations against us, and whoever have challenged a corrupt administration, they have faced the attacks from these cruel people, let it be Prophet Mohammed sahab, Yeshu, Bhagwan Ram Krishna, Maharshi Dayananad, Bhagwan Budha to Mahatma Gandhi. I am not comparing myself with them, I consider them my ideals and want to follow their path.

I ask you again and again and you avoid answering it, you don’t have interest in doing Teekhi Baat,

If I talk teekha, you say that you are a sadhu and yet do teekhi baat,

Teekha means that you clear what is in your mind.

I do sachchi baat

Sachchi baat is that you don’t want to say that the government took unfair action against you, the home ministry is not run by communists, home ministry , BJP who you are loving more these days.

I love all country and countrymen. Prabhuji, Supreme Court said that the home ministry has taken the decision, now home ministry does not take any decision, alone the government is also involved in it.

Even if the decision is taken by the whole government, even then the political target is the Congress party, isn’t it?

Please see, our target is black money, and that is so big, Prabhuji, now the CBI director did such a brave thing. The wrong policies and intentions of the government, and due to their will power being less, more than Rs. 25 lakh crore is out of India.

The government denied, finance ministry denied.

I am telling that anybody who speaks against black money, corruption. When the issue of Lokpal came then the ACB of CBI was under kept under its jurisdiction. The right and effective procedure to bring back black money, that was not adopted, be it black money inside the country in illegal mining, drugs, politics. The effective procedure that should be adopted to get back black money, why do they fear to adopt it, that means it is clear that it is loot and being a traitor with the country. When the issue of Gaddafi came that he had 10 lakh crore rupees and the country GDP was 3.75 lakh crore rupees. In this country there are many Gadaffi’s in this country, when they go out of power, then this country will get justice, I am also doing this work, I had never left Yoga, ayurveda,

You recently did a meeting which had old RSS timers in it,

Which meeting

It had Gurumurthy, KN Govindacharya, they all

There were no politicians in the meeting,

They have a political ideology

Not a question of political ideology, any person who is working against black money, corruption, if he invites me, I am not a member of any committee. If anybody fights a battle against the corrupt system, we will bless them,

Earlier Laloo, Subodh Kant Sahay and other such people used to be with you, flim stars used to come, all have left you now. Now only BJP and RSS people are left with you.

Now you see, except one party, all other people, be they from the film world, industry, and I am working for the common man of this country. The people whose stomachs are full, who are staying in luxury, people with facilities, they never do any andolan, I am talking of those people…

May I do teekhi baat with you, you are not in politics, but are doing politics,

Please see, politics is not a crime, but talking a principled stand and talking about cleansing politics, I have said that political power is not our ambition, but wont we work for political purity?

You said a year ago that you will have political power, will make candidates fight, and even if I won’t become prime minister, I will make prime minister. That andolan of yours also got finished. Swabhimaan andolan also got finished.

It has not finished.

Where are you doing it now.

You are saying about fighting elections ,we are saying that good people we have supported, wherever I went across the country ,crores of people asked Babaji what is the alternative, I even ask you, you are very senior to me

You said that you will make candidates fight and after that

Let 2014 come , in 2014

Will you make candidates fight elections, which you told me earlier. In Swabhimaan andolan you said everywhere..

I have told earlier, am telling again now, people who will change the corrupt system, will bring back black money, finish corruption, about them a whole strategy will be chalked out, and will tell you, wait for it.

In up you went for elections ,you would have spoken against some party, asking give votes to them.

The big criminals need to be punished first,

Most of them are in power

And choose who have less allegations on them, and even explain them

You are going to Goa too  and will ask to vote for somebody

There loot of Rs. seven lakh crore has been done, and around Rs. 50 lakh crore of iron is there, that will also be looted, hence, the people who are looters, should they be supported? Is this justice?

You are going at many places, your aim..

Our aim along with Yoga is to save the country. While serving people, this work of serving the nation, along with Dharma, the rashtra dharma if we can take ahead, I think no better ideal life than this.

You are in Uttar Pradesh and Utarrakhand, what do you think, is any change happening there or no, for which you tried, will that kind of change happen or no. Because you don’t want to take name of any party, because you have some fear in your heart.

There is no fear, please see there is a tradition of saints, I have to build that also, but also follow my rashtra dharma, the intentions of a party in Uttar Pradesh, we will get 100 seats, and I am surpruised

They will come to power there

They will make government there, people whose 25-50 seats being won is also difficult, they are saying that we will form government, and when they get hit they shudder, get angry, tear papers apart, if anybody speaks like this, people say that you are not got elected till now and are speaking in such a manner, will you sit on our head later. Before elections people are told they are beggars, who made this country beggars? People like these are giving childish statements out of fear and the people will teach them a lesson, they will be finished.

Lets see, elections are on the anvil. Thank you for coming to our studio.

Thank you, Prabhuji !


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