Wheeling in grub from the curb

Digant Sharma’s phone has been ringing off the hook.
Wheeling in grub from the curb

Digant Sharma’s phone has been ringing off the hook. He has new-found respect for the task of coordinating. Organising Horn Ok Please, Delhi’s first food truck festival, has taught this food enthusiast a great deal about managing logistics and people almost entirely by himself. Taking care of all the tiny details, especially the trouble of nailing down 20 trucks from the swarming list of applicants was nothing short of a nightmare.

“But it was also about time people of Delhi got a new experience for their experimental and ever evolving palate.

Digant Sharma
Digant Sharma

Twenty food trucks will wheel in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, street food and more. Besides the popular ones including Something Saucy, The Lalit Food Truck Company, Waffle Chowk and Doggy Style, other will make their presence too. “Some of my favourites are Eggjactly with their Pulled Lamb Burger, Rakesserie with their Malabari Prawns, Gourmet Pizzas by The Lalit Food Truck Company, Waffle Chowk with their Sandwich Waffles and Burnout with their Beetroot and Spinach Green Tacos. You’re going to love all of them,” he says.

Anticipation is on its threshold for him. The boards are up, the carts are almost ready and the trucks are ready to be rolled out. “It’s great how our NCR neighbours are literally chock-full with all these amazing food trucks that dole out so many delicious cuisines. It seemed fitting that South Delhi also got a taste of it,” says Sharma, who loves the idea of not being stuck to one chair, like it is in a traditional restaurant setup. Here, you can roam around, try various brands, enjoy quick service and music.

The event will see an acoustic stage that will be taken over by 13 homegrown talented artists who’ve been taking Delhi by storm. “We’ve got ex-Euphoria vocalist Kamakshi Khanna with her band performing live, then you’ll have Bismil and Delhi’s biggest tribute band, The CopyCats, to name a few. But putting together all this wouldn’t have been possible without endless cups of fresh coffee,” he jokes.

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