Abu Dhabi airport

UAE envoy: Yemen's Houthis used missiles in Abu Dhabi attack

The remarks by Ambassador Yousef Al-Otaiba marked an official acknowledgement that missiles — and not just drones — were used in Jan 17 attack, claimed by the Iran-backed Houthis.

published on : 20th January 2022

Suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi kills 2 Indians and 1 Pakistani; wounds 6

The incident comes while Yemen’s yearslong war rages on and as an Emirati-flagged vessel found itself recently captured by the Houthis.

published on : 17th January 2022

Nawaz Sharif's wife Kulsoom opens her eyes after month-long coma

Kulsoom has opened her eyes after exactly one month, revealed her son, Hussain Nawaz in London.

published on : 13th July 2018