Crime syndicate responsible for 1993 Mumbai blasts enjoying 5-star hospitality in Pakistan: India 

'linkages between terrorism and transnational organised crime must be fully recognised and addressed vigorously'

published on : 19th January 2022

Al-Qaida's links with Pak-based terror groups like LeT, JeM continue to strengthen: India at UN 

The Islamic State (ISIS) has changed its modus operandi with its core focus now on regaining ground in Syria and Iraq

published on : 19th January 2022

Hostages safe after Texas synagogue standoff; captor dead

The captor kept worshippers hostage at a synagogue in Texas demanding the release of a Pakistani neuroscientist who was convicted of trying to kill U.S. Army officers in Afghanistan

published on : 16th January 2022

Senior Al-Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in Syria: US military

Army Major John Rigsbee, a spokesman for US Central Command, said in a statement that Abdul Hamid al-Matar was killed by a drone strike.

published on : 23rd October 2021

Saudi Arabia, 20 years after 9/11: 'A country in the making'

All but four of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens, and the Saudi kingdom was the birthplace of Osama bin Laden, the head of al-Qaida and mastermind of the attack 20 years ago.

published on : 12th September 2021

'Al-Qaida, Islamic State could gain strength': UN envoy says Afghan economic crisis looms

Deborah Lyons told the UN Security Council it will have to decide how to engage with many of the 33 members of the Taliban government who are on the UN sanctions blacklist.

published on : 10th September 2021

'Al-Qaida will rebuild within Afghanistan': CIA veteran on Taliban coming to power

Counterterrorism efforts fall into a pattern, Michael Morell said, in which their capabilities can be easily degraded by a focused effort, but easily rebuilt when that focus fades.

published on : 8th September 2021

Taliban takeover prompts fears of a resurgent al-Qaida

Al-Qaida's ranks have been significantly diminished by 20 years of war in Afghanistan, and it's far from clear that the group has the capacity in the near future to carry out catastrophic attacks

published on : 24th August 2021

Al-Qaida-linked group in Syria praises Taliban

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, or the Levant Liberation Committee, compared the Taliban’s control of much of Afghanistan with the early Muslim conquests.

published on : 19th August 2021