'We support her': Sponsors hail Naomi Osaka's 'courage' on mental health

Osaka, who also acknowledged suffering "long bouts of depression," received criticism by some who say the media events are just " part of the job."

published on : 4th June 2021

Healthcare on the brink: A cry for help

Various studies on healthcare workers are showing an alarming increase in depression, anxiety, sleep problems and even suicidal tendencies.

published on : 24th May 2021

Experts share a few suggestions to reduce Covid-19 pandemic paranoia

Engage in physical activity and connect with your family and friends to cope up with the rising stress, advise experts

published on : 22nd May 2021

Yoga sessions for Covid patients

The health condition of infectees’ worsens due to stress, anxiety, tension, unknown fear and depression.

published on : 6th May 2021

Anxiety? knit it. paint it away

Try activities that can help your brain release the ‘feel-good’ chemicals

published on : 4th May 2021

Coping with social media anxieties

Anxieties of all kinds are prevalent right now so we have to be watchful.

published on : 26th April 2021

Age of Anxiety: How to Cope: ‘Focus on what you can control’

Given the second wave of COVID has induced anxiety and havoc in our lives, a new book brings about a certain understanding on how to cope with it.

published on : 24th April 2021

Back to bed: Here are some tips to help you find sleep

There must have been a time when you found yourself awake in the dead of the night. So awake and active, you could run a marathon.  

published on : 4th April 2021

Actor Samir Soni to pen book on anxiety, self-discovery 

Samir Soni said 'My Experiments with Silence' documents in prose and poetry 'some of my darkest, most intense and introspective thoughts'.

published on : 24th March 2021

Unstable work-life linked to future mental health problems in youth: Study

They also noted that having worked in large companies at the start of their working life was associated with better mental health later on.

published on : 6th March 2021

Study links reduced physical activity to COVID-19 induced depression, anxiety

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has only deepened the chasm for those experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety.

published on : 11th February 2021

Study links use of social media apps to feelings of isolation during COVID-19

Some 86 per cent of the respondents reported that their use of videoconferencing tools increased during the pandemic.

published on : 28th January 2021

Don’t buy what the devil sells

There was anger, lust, greed, jealousy, passion for wealth, ego—he put up everything for sale, and people bought them all.

published on : 17th January 2021

Being workaholic may increase depression, anxiety risk: Study

Sleep quality was lower to workers with high risk of work addiction compared to workers with low risk of work addiction.

published on : 14th January 2021

Have range anxiety? Jaipur man who drove electric vehicle to Indo-Pak border has some tips

Aakash and his wife Kaushal had several tricks up their sleeves to overcome range anxiety during their 300 km trip to Longewala in a Tata Nexon EV. 

published on : 13th January 2021
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