ISRO to attempt second lunar landing in 2020, cost will be lesser than Chandrayaan-2: Centre

Union Minister Jitendra Singh said it is wrong to term Chandrayaan-2 as a disappointment since it was India's maiden attempt to land on the lunar surface.

published on : 31st December 2019

CM Palaniswamy lauds Chennai techie for locating Vikram lander

The chief minister presented a bouquet to him. Industries Secretary N Muruganandam and Kakarla Usha, Secretary/Chairperson/MD, TIDCO, were present on the occasion.

published on : 5th December 2019

ISRO applauded across the globe for its Chandrayaan-2 mission: Nirmala Sitharaman

TMC MP Saugata Roy objected to the decision of the government to provide additional funds to the Department of Space over the alleged 'failure' of Chandrayaan-2 mission.

published on : 4th December 2019

Chennai techie over the moon after spotting Vikram lander  

It  had gone incommunicado minutes before attempting  a soft-landing on the moon on September 7.

published on : 4th December 2019

ISRO prepares for Chandrayaan-3 mission, lays out roadmap

A committee constituting many institutions, organisations and senior scientists has been working to study the issues of Chandrayaan-2 and the reason behind its hard landing, as per ISRO spokesperson.

published on : 22nd November 2019

Chandrayaan 2: Vikram hard-landed within 500 metres of landing site, says Centre

In a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Jitendra Singh, the minister of state in the PMO said the first phase of descent was performed nominally from an altitude of 30 km to 7.

published on : 20th November 2019

Chace-2 on Chandrayaan-2 detects Argon-40 on moon

However scientists believe there is nothing earth shattering about the finding as the isotope of Argon (40AR) is also found on earth and around the moon.

published on : 3rd November 2019

Latest Moon flyby finds no trace of India's Chandrayaan-2 Vikram lander: NASA

On September 7, Indian Space Research Organisation attempted a soft landing of Vikram on the uncharted lunar south pole, before losing communication with the lander.

published on : 23rd October 2019

22-carat tributes to Mahatma on 150th birth anniversary

On the occasion of the 150th Gandhi Jayanti, Palasa-based micro artist and goldsmith prepared a logo and spectacles by using only 150 milligrams of 22 carat gold.

published on : 2nd October 2019

Chandrayaan-2: ISRO has not given up efforts to regain link with lander Vikram

The mission life of the lander and the rover will be one Lunar day which is equal to fourteen earth days, ISRO had said prior to the launch.

published on : 1st October 2019

Chandrayaan-2, Balakot strikes featured at Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata

While Young Boys Club is recreating the sequence of Balakot airstrike, Kumartuli Park and Sribhumi Sporting Club have picked Chandrayaan-2 as the theme behind their pandals.

published on : 30th September 2019

Chandrayaan-2: NASA confirms Vikram's hard landing, releases images of Moon's south pole

The Vikram lander module attempted a soft landing on a small patch of lunar highland smooth plains between Simpelius N and Manzinus C craters before losing communication with ISRO.

published on : 27th September 2019

Chandrayaan-2: As Lunar night falls, hopes of waking up Vikram lander is all but over

Lander Vikram, with rover Pragyan, housed inside it, lost communication with the ground station on September 7 during its final descent, just 2.1 kms above the lunar surface.

published on : 21st September 2019

'Vikram lander should have been a single-engine design instead of carrying five'

A single-engine would have obviated the complexities of managing the four throttleable engines working in union, a former ISRO official said.

published on : 20th September 2019

Chandrayaan 2: Hope fades for lander Vikram as NASA images draw blank

These images were taken on September 17 when the LRO passed over the site near the moon’s south pole at an altitude of 50 km.

published on : 20th September 2019
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