Cold War

Berlin Airlift remembered, key moment in Cold War

Among the invited guests of honor was 98-year-old U.S. pilot Gail Halvorsen, who dropped hundreds of boxes of candy on tiny parachutes into West Berlin during the blockade.

published on : 12th May 2019

UN chief calls for 'total elimination' of nuclear weapons

In a speech to students at Geneva University, Antonio Guterres presented a new disarmament agenda to face challenges emerging in a world where "Cold War tensions have returned."

published on : 24th May 2018

Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal critically ill after 'unknown substance' exposure

A former colonel with Russian military intelligence, Skripal was sentenced to 13 years in jail in Russia in 2006 on charges of spying for Britain.

published on : 6th March 2018