D Gukesh

Chess Olympiad: Gukesh rues moment of madness

The biggest learning Gukesh picked up from the Olympiad is falling short on time.

published on : 9th August 2022

Chess Olympiad: Gukesh pulls-off huge heist in India B’s surprise win over US

The US knew that with a win, they could recover lost ground to make a serious dash for the medal placings.

published on : 7th August 2022

Gukesh provokes Shirov to engineer huge win

The Spaniard had become a GM in 1990, 16 years before Gukesh was born.

published on : 3rd August 2022

INTERVIEW | Chess Olympiad is going to be a big learning curve for me: Gukesh

In an interview with this daily a few days back, USA captain John Donaldson spoke highly of teenager D Gukesh, who is in Team B of the Indian contingent for the upcoming Chess Olympiad.

published on : 26th July 2022

Chess Olympiad: Understanding the Elo system that's used to rate the players

Not just chess but in some zero-sum games (a principle in game theory where a player's winnings is directly balanced out by the losses of their opponent) Elo rating is considered as the gold standard.

published on : 23rd July 2022