Barcelona sells 10 per cent of its TV rights for USD 215 million

Barcelona said investment firm Sixth Street will invest 207.5 million euros equivalent to USD 215 million in exchange for 10 per cent of the club’s Spanish league TV rights for the next 25 years.

published on : 30th June 2022

Maker of solar-powered car, Srinagar math teacher says he missed Musk bus

Elon Musk became Elon Musk because he had the resources. If only Bilal Ahmed also had the resources, he believes he too could have become the Elon Musk of India.

published on : 28th June 2022

Tesla employees share plight on social media as electric dream meets sudden crash in mass layoffs

Tesla employee Robert Belovodskij wrote that it was a blow to him as he had turned down another full-time offer in order to come back to his team at Tesla.

published on : 25th June 2022

Twitter testing 2,500 character limit for a post

Currently, the company has launched a public test of Notes with a small group of writers from the US, UK, Canada, and Ghana.

published on : 23rd June 2022

Former Tesla worker rejects $15 million payout in racism abuse lawsuit

Owen Diaz, who worked at the Tesla plant as an elevator operator, was originally awarded $6.9 million in damages for emotional distress and $130 million in punitive damages in the case.

published on : 23rd June 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's USD 44 billion deal gets Twitter board's endorsement

Shares of Twitter Inc were essentially flat just before the opening bell Tuesday and far short of the USD 54.20 per-share that Musk has offered to pay for each.

published on : 21st June 2022

Musk's trans daughter files petition to change surname, doesn't want to 'be related'

Vivian has a twin brother, Griffin, and the last name Wilson comes from their mother, Canadian author Justine Wilson, who was married to Musk from 2000 to 2008.

published on : 21st June 2022

Tesla, Elon Musk welcome to India but only as per government rules, says Heavy industries minister 

The Union minister said that the government under the leadership of the PM has moved ahead swiftly on the Aatmanirbhar Bharat policy and will not compromise on that in any way.

published on : 19th June 2022

Elon Musk sued for $258 billion over dogecoin support

Since Musk began promoting the virtual currency, investors have lost around $86 billion, Johnson estimates. He would like Musk to reimburse investors this sum, plus pay double that in damages.

published on : 18th June 2022

Elon Musk hints layoffs at Twitter in future, says platform needs to get healthy

The question of layoffs has been top of mind for Twitter's more than 7,000 employees since Musk first said he wanted to buy the company.

published on : 17th June 2022

Tesla shareholder sues Musk over racism and sexual harassment complaints

The action was the latest against Tesla, which has been hit by a spate of sexual harassment lawsuits and Black employees complaining of rampant racism.

published on : 17th June 2022

Barcelona members approve sale of TV rights, merchandising

The financial moves by Barcelona come months after it refused, along with Real Madrid, to participate in an investment plan by fund CVC Capital Partners secured by the Spanish league.

published on : 17th June 2022

Brazillian defender Dani Alves leaves Barcelona for second time

Barcelona's Brazilian defender Dani Alves did not say what his future plans are and hopes to make Brazil’s squad for the World Cup in Qatar.

published on : 16th June 2022

Elon Musk to address Twitter employees for first time after USD 44 billion initial offer

Musk said he was putting the deal on hold on May 13, saying he needed more data from the company about those bot accounts.

published on : 14th June 2022

Twitter to provide Musk with raw daily tweet data: Report

Lawyers involved in the deal would not confirm the data sharing agreement. Musk made no comment on Twitter, although he has previously been vocal about various aspects of the deal.

published on : 9th June 2022
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