Emmanuel Macron

Ukraine war: EU leaders beat a path to Xi's door seeking China's help

The Europeans want Xi's help. They want him to talk to Ukraine's president as well as Russia's, but they don't see him as the key mediator.

published on : 16th April 2023

Macron signs France pension reform into law despite protests

The alterations became law after the text was published overnight in France's official journal.

published on : 15th April 2023

Macron visits Notre-Dame to mark fire anniversary

Its 80-tonne wooden base, resting on stone arches 30 metres above the heart of the cathedral, is due to be completed on Saturday -- four years to the day since the fire that shocked the world.

published on : 14th April 2023

One of Macron's favourite restaurants in France set on fire by protesters over pension age hike 

Staff at La Rotonde in the Montparnasse area of the city were forced to put out flames on the awning of the restaurant where Macron held a victory party during his successful 2017 election bid.

published on : 6th April 2023

Emmanuel Macron says China has 'major role' to play in path to Ukraine peace

The conversation showed the "common will of France and the United States to engage the Chinese to accelerate with us the end of the war in Ukraine and build a lasting peace", Macron's office said.

published on : 5th April 2023

French protests: White House supports right 'to demonstrate peacefully'

French police have been strongly criticized by rights groups for heavy-handed reaction to anti-Macron protests over the past month.

published on : 31st March 2023

France sees new pension protests, police brace for violence

Violence has since flared and thousands of tons of stinking garbage have piled up on Paris' streets as sanitation workers strike.

published on : 28th March 2023

457 arrested, 441 police injured in France unrest: Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin

Darmanin also said that there had been 903 fires lit in the streets of Paris during by far the most violent day of protests since they began in January.

published on : 24th March 2023

Anger at Macron mounts as French unions hold protests

Violence has intensified in recent days since the government forced the pension bill through parliament last week for lack of enough support.

published on : 23rd March 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron to speak as anger smoulders over pension reform

Police arrested 234 people in Paris alone on Monday night during tense standoffs between protesters and security forces, with several groups burning trash bins, bikes and other objects.

published on : 21st March 2023

New pension protests in France ahead of crucial votes

More than 80 people were arrested at a 4,000-strong Paris demonstration Saturday where some set rubbish bins on fire, destroyed bus stops and erected improvised barricades.

published on : 19th March 2023

France's Macron pushes economic ties in Angola

In the Angolan capital Luanda, Macron chaired an economic forum, attended by more than 50 French companies, and focused on agriculture.

published on : 3rd March 2023

Timeline: The 30-year battle to reform France's pension system

Successive governments of both the left and right have done battle with the country's famously militant trade unions over how to keep the debt-laden pension system afloat.

published on : 19th January 2023

France gears up for 'hellish' day as pension protests rage across capital

Opinion polls show that around two-thirds of French people oppose raising the retirement age, a move that comes amid high inflation and with the country still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

published on : 19th January 2023

The 30-year battle to reform France's pension system

Taking a look back at the 30-year battle by various French governments of the left and right to keep one of Europe's most generous pension systems afloat.

published on : 10th January 2023

France gives FIFA World Cup winners a heroes' welcome home

Crowds began converging early Monday on the Champs-Elysees, the gathering point for all national celebrations.

published on : 17th July 2018

Emmanuel Macron basks in France's World Cup glow, hoping to capture feel-good factor

The 4-2 defeat of Croatia in Moscow on Sunday by the young French team starring Kylian Mbappe was celebrated by 40-year-old Macron in person, who jumped and pumped his fists with each goal.

published on : 16th July 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018: No refuge from politics but France victory a fitting climax

This year's World Cup was never going to be a refuge from politics when it was being staged in Putin's Russia, but the players did their best to keep the tournament for themselves.

published on : 16th July 2018

Iran uranium enrichment plan aims to destroy Israel: PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu was visiting European leaders to discuss Iran's regional involvement and nuclear programme, both seen by the Jewish state as grave threats.

published on : 5th June 2018

Saudi warns of military action if Qatar gets Russian missiles: Report

There was no immediate official reaction from the president's office or the French foreign ministry to the report.

published on : 2nd June 2018
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