Fidel Castro

RIP Diego Maradona: The staunch Leftist who was Castro's darling and hated USA 'with all strength'

Did you know Diego Maradona tried to form a union of professional footballers for years? The idea goes hand in hand with his decision to get faces of Leftwing leaders Che Guevara and Castro tattooed on his body. A staunch critic of US capitalism and the Catholic Church, the Argentine football legend is a poster boy of South American socialism. Here is a glimpse at the political lineage of the late icon.

published on : 26th November 2020

Fidel Castro birth anniversary: Check out some rare photos of the Cuban revolutionary who defied US for 50 years

Today marks the 94th birth anniversary of Fidel Castro. Here are some of the rare photos of the Cuban revolutionary who defied US for 50 years.

published on : 25th November 2019

The mighty revolutionary: Remembering Che Guevara on his 92nd birth anniversary 

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, more popularly known by his byname "Che", was born on this day in the year 1928. Today marks the 92nd birth anniversary of the revolutionary and the "theoretician and tactician" of the Guerrilla warfare. The communist icon who was an integral part of the Cuban Revolution is still remembered fondly for his book "The Motorcycle Diaries" by the "lovers of revolution" and has become a poster boy for resistance and struggle.   

published on : 14th June 2018

As Raul Castro leaves Cuba's presidency, transition sparks hope for many generations

 Cubans of every generation are watching this week as Raul Castro leaves the presidency as part of a broader handoff to a group of younger leaders.

published on : 18th April 2018
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