No longer Darling to fish?

Officials say the die-off likely occurred because fish need more oxygen in hot weather, but oxygen levels in the water dropped after recent floods receded.

published on : 20th March 2023

Turkiye floods kill 10 in earthquake-affected provinces

One person was killed in the town of Tut in southeastern Adiyaman province, where surging waters swept away a container home sheltering a family of earthquake survivors.

published on : 15th March 2023

5th body found in Malaysia floods; over 40,000 displaced

Johor, the country's second-largest state bordering Singapore with four million people, is the worst affected with over 40,000 evacuated to schools and community centres.

published on : 7th March 2023

'Unable to make ends meet': Crumbling Pakistan economy puts children's futures on hold

Father and daughter walk to work each day to save on transport costs -- a familiar story in Pakistan, where millions of families are feeling the brutal effects of an economy on the brink of collapse.

published on : 24th February 2023

'Everything was buried': Brazilians recount storm horror

In a span of 24 hours, the record storm dumped more than twice a normal February's worth of rain on Sao Sebastiao, just as the town celebrated carnival.

published on : 21st February 2023

Downpour kills at least 36 in Brazil, cities cancel Carnival

TV footage showed houses flooded with only the roof visible. Residents are using small boats to carry items and people to higher positions.

published on : 20th February 2023

Football captain from 2018 Thai cave rescue dies in UK

Reports in Thailand said Duangpetch had slipped over and suffered a head injury and was in the hospital on a respirator for two days before he died.

published on : 15th February 2023

15 million people live under threat of glacial floods: Study

More than nine million people across so-called High Mountain Asia live in the path of potential glacial lake outburst floods, including five million in northern India and Pakistan.

published on : 8th February 2023

Three million people in India at risk of flooding by glacial lakes: Study 

The study by an international team led by scientists at UK's Newcastle University, UK is the first global assessment of areas at greatest risk of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF).

published on : 8th February 2023

Oppositions using floods to tarnish city’s image: Karnataka CM

“When there is heavy rain, cities like Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai are flooded. The situation is the same in London and parts of the US.

published on : 30th January 2023

Newer storms hitting California as it faces already 'disastrous' floods

Nearly 26 million Californians remained under a flood watch Saturday evening, according to the NWS, with tens of thousands ordered to evacuate.

published on : 15th January 2023

California flood: Five-year-old told mom to 'be calm' before being swept away

They were the last words the little boy said to his mother before his fingers slipped away from hers and he was swept away Monday on California's central coast near Paso Robles.

published on : 12th January 2023

UN raises over USD nine billion for Pakistan flood recovery

UN chief Antonio Guterres called for "massive investments" to help Pakistan recover from a "monsoon on steroids".

published on : 10th January 2023

Pakistan asks IMF for economic reforms 'pause' citing catastrophic floods in 2022

The global lender wants Pakistan to withdraw the remaining subsidies on petroleum products and electricity, aimed at helping the population.

published on : 10th January 2023

California hit by more storms, braces for potential floods

State climatologist Michael Anderson told a news briefing late Saturday that officials were closely monitoring Monday's incoming storm and another behind it.

published on : 9th January 2023

Pakistan needs billions for flood recovery, urges UN

In a bid to meet the towering needs, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will host an international conference in Geneva next week.

published on : 6th January 2023

Cash-strapped Pakistan announces early closure of markets, wedding halls to save energy

Manufacturing of incandescent bulbs would be stopped from February 1 while production of inefficient fans would be stopped from July, under the new conservation plan.

published on : 3rd January 2023

Philippines floods force tens of thousands to flee homes

Eight people were killed and 19 others were missing after a week's worth of heavy seasonal rain in the southern and eastern regions of the country, they said in an updated report.

published on : 26th December 2022

Munroe Island: When water displaces natives from Kerala's 'sinking island'

A sought-after cruise tourism destination, comprising eight tiny islets, Munroe Island's low-lying areas have been facing a serious threat of being submerged during high tides.

published on : 18th December 2022

Pakistan seeks UN help as flood aid for survivors drains

According to UN officials in Pakistan, the international body has only received a third of the $816 million in emergency aid it sought in October.

published on : 17th December 2022
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