H1 B visa

Indian talent moving to Canada due to outdated US immigration policies: Experts

Numerical restrictions on high-skilled temporary visas block the vast majority of foreign-born applicants from working in America in a given year.

published on : 15th July 2021

US House passes key bills providing citizenship to dreamers, farmworker immigrants

It will provide much-needed relief to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and Dreamers, young people who came here as children and know no other country.

published on : 19th March 2021

President Biden urged to rescind Trump-era ban on H-1B and other foreign work visas

In June 2020, Trump instituted Proclamation 10052, halting the processing of non-immigrant H-1B, L-1, H-2B, and J-1 visas, based on the alleged potential risk to the labour market.

published on : 19th March 2021

Expect green card, H1-B visa squeeze to ease under Biden-Kamala rule

In the four years of the Trump administration, it has not been smooth sailing for Indians for whom the US is a land of opportunities and a stepping stone for economic prosperity.

published on : 9th November 2020

Indian companies dramatically reduced H-1B visa filing: US daily

San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board has said applicants for the H-1B visa programme are anticipating the hardest process in many years.

published on : 3rd April 2018

H-1B visa application process to begin from Monday; to face unprecedented scrutiny

Chatter at various social media platforms and groups indicate that immigration attorneys this time expect a much high rate of rejection.

published on : 1st April 2018

US H1-B visa assurance should end speculations: Indo-American Chamber of Commerce chief

Reportedly, US officials have clarified that they are not contemplating any regulatory changes that would compel the H1-B visa holders to leave the United States after six-year limit.

published on : 12th January 2018

Relief for Indian techies, US says no change in H-1B extension policy

In December, a US-based news agency had reported that the Department of Homeland Security is considering new regulations that would prevent the H1-B visa extensions.

published on : 9th January 2018

US-India ties: Narendra Modi-Donald Trump chemistry apart, Washington bets big on New Delhi

Despite a change of guard in Washington, the India-US global strategic partnership remained strong as ever.

published on : 25th December 2017

Donald Trump signs 'Buy American, Hire American' executive order, targets H1-B visa program

In his new directive, Trump is targeting the H-1B visa program, which the White House says undercuts U.S. workers by bringing in large numbers of cheaper, foreign workers and driving down wage

published on : 19th April 2017