Deshbhakti, happiness introduced as new guidelines in Delhi school assessment criteria

Delhi govt introduces new guidelines for judging performances

published on : 2nd July 2022

Five things that keep you unhappy

On the surface, we all look happy. With rising prosperity, most people have basic facilities like food, clothing, and a roof overhead.

published on : 12th June 2022

Kozhikode Corp stitching up three-year plan for vibrant, colourful, happy city

These include playgrounds for children, cultural programmes for youth, places to relax for the grown-ups and the like.

published on : 5th June 2022

Is Evil Necessary?

The moment you are in pursuit of happiness, you do not know what you are doing to others.

published on : 3rd April 2022

Finland crowned world's happiest nation for fifth year, India ranked below Pakistan

India is ranked at a lowly 136, even below Pakistan, which is at 121, in the annual UN-sponsored index.

published on : 18th March 2022

Colour me happy, naturally; Festival of Holi

Beauty and wellness are both interrelated; one cannot exist without the other.

published on : 13th March 2022

Delhi government mulls over 'Mindset' curriculum to be part of private schools

The Kejriwal government’s Mindset Curriculums, Happiness Curriculum,  Entrepreneurship, and Deshbhakti Curriculum, will now be implemented in private schools as well.

published on : 8th March 2022

True happiness lies within you

The happiness that depends on external circumstances is very fragile. The moment the circumstance changes, our happiness also evaporates.

published on : 23rd January 2022

Survey to assess Covid impact on school kids

The announcement was made after the minister reviewed online teaching and learning process in the government schools.

published on : 22nd January 2022

The happy diet for weight loss and boosting your mood

Start consuming more dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt as each of these is a great source of probiotics, known to trigger mood-boosting hormone responses.

published on : 19th September 2021

2017: When Arundhati Roy, Nayantara Sahgal, Kiran Nagarkar reflected societal burdens in their books

The year 2017 witnessed the release of at least three powerful novels, along with two short story anthologies, all of which use the medium of art and fiction to reflect the burden of society

published on : 22nd December 2017