Horn of Africa

UN: At least USD 1 billion needed to avert famine in Somalia

Griffiths said meteorologists have predicted the likelihood of a fifth failed rainy season from October to December, and a sixth failed rainy season from January to March next year is also likely.

published on : 7th September 2022

1st Ukraine grain ship for Horn of Africa reaches Djibouti

Millions of tons of food are needed for the Horn of Africa, WFP said.

published on : 30th August 2022

UN: US buying big Ukraine grain shipment for hungry regions

China needs to help as well, Beasley said.

published on : 21st August 2022

Somalia: A drought-hit country mired in violence, chaos since 1991

Somalia has been mired in chaos since the fall of the military regime of president Siad Barre in 1991, which was followed by civil war and the rise of the Al-Shabaab Islamist militant group.

published on : 20th August 2022