Iran nuclear deaL

Munich Security Conference: Biden's US ready to rejoin talks about reentering Iran nuclear deal

Biden made his address to a global audience as his administration has begun reversing Trump administration policies.

published on : 19th February 2021

Iran may pursue nuclear weapon, Intelligence Minister warns West

The remarks by Mahmoud Alavi mark a rare occasion that a government official says Iran could reverse its course on the nuclear programme.

published on : 9th February 2021

Iran scientist linked to military nuclear program killed

Iran's foreign minister alleged the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh bore "serious indications" of an Israeli role, but did not elaborate.

published on : 28th November 2020

US President Donald Trump reimposes tough, unilateral sanctions against Iran after exiting 'horrible' nuclear deal

Iranians are already seeing the effects of the sanctions, with Iran's rial currency losing around half its value since Trump announced the US would withdraw from the 2015 nuclear accord.

published on : 7th August 2018

United States says no exemption to India on oil imports from Iran

President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal in May to pursue a maximum pressure campaign against Tehran's atomic programme.

published on : 27th June 2018

SCO Summit: President Hassan Rouhani  slams US for withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal 

Russian President Vladimir Putin too sounded critical of the US decision, saying the move may destabilise the Gulf region.

published on : 10th June 2018

Israeli PM Netanyahu warns Bashar al-Assad on Iranian presence in Syria

Noting that Israel had stayed out of Syria's protracted civil war, in which Tehran backs Assad, Netanyahu said increasing Iranian encroachment required "a new calculus".

published on : 7th June 2018

Iran tells UN it will hike uranium enrichment capacity

Iran nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi specified that this was just the start of the production process.

published on : 5th June 2018

Anger, dismay, support: How the world sees US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

The following is a selection of reactions from around the globe to Trump's biggest foreign policy move since taking office.

published on : 9th May 2018

Iran to discuss response to US President Trump's exit from Iran nuclear deal with other parties

President Hassan Rouhani also said Iran could resume uranium enrichment without limit in response to Trump's announcement.

published on : 9th May 2018

Turkey says fears 'new conflicts' after US President Trump's decision on Iran nuclear deal

Despite calls from many of its allies, Trump announced Tuesday he was pulling the US out of the 2015 agreement.

published on : 9th May 2018

Russia 'deeply disappointed' at US President Trump's decision to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

Moscow condemned Trump's decision as proof of Washington's inability to negotiate alleging that US criticism of Iran's legal nuclear activity was just a smokescreen for settling political scores.

published on : 9th May 2018

Syria brands US President Trump withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal as 'aggression'

Syria said its ally would overcome what it called US "aggression", state media reported.

published on : 9th May 2018

United Nations chief calls on other signatories to stand by Iran nuclear deal after US exit

The deal was reached between Iran and six world powers -- Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, imposing curbs to Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

published on : 9th May 2018

President Donald Trump pulls US out of 'horrible' Iran nuclear deal

Trump said the 2015 agreement, which included Germany, France and Britain, was a "horrible one-sided deal that should never ever have been made."

published on : 9th May 2018
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