'Significant lapse in judgment': UN apologises for photo of its personnel in front of Taliban flag

During the visit, the delegation met Taliban leaders in Kabul and Kandahar and conveyed their alarm over the recent restrictions on education and work of women and girls across the country.

published on : 21st January 2023

Kabul's mannequins, hooded and masked under Taliban rules

The hooded mannequins are one symbol of the Taliban’s puritanical rule over Afghanistan. But in a way, they are also a small show of resistance and creativity by Kabul’s dress merchants.

published on : 16th January 2023

Five killed, dozens wounded in suicide blast near Afghan foreign ministry in Kabul

An AFP team was conducting an interview inside the information ministry next door when Wednesday's blast took place.

published on : 11th January 2023

Afghan Taliban kill eight in raids of IS hideouts in Afghanistan 

Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Taliban govt, said the raids in the capital city and western Nimroz province targeted IS militants who organised recent attacks on Kabul’s Longan Hotel.

published on : 5th January 2023

Taliban: Kabul checkpoint bomb blast kills, wounds several

Although Taliban security forces prevented photography and filming directly at the blast site, the checkpoint appeared damaged but intact.

published on : 1st January 2023

Indian mission in Kabul open, no consular services yet

Though diplomatic staff had been pulled out after the Taliban government took charge of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Indian embassy retained local staff.

published on : 15th December 2022

Beijing 'shocked' by attack on Afghan hotel hosting Chinese visitors

Taliban casualty figures following such incidents are usually lower than those reported by hospitals and other independent sources.

published on : 13th December 2022

Taliban: Assailants attack hotel in Afghan capital Kabul

Video circulating on social media showed people clamouring out of windows on the lower floors of the building, with the hotel sign -- in English and Chinese -- clearly visible.

published on : 12th December 2022

Afghan academic rebuilds life in Italy, dreams of returning

Haidari, 37, is among thousands of Afghani women seeking to maintain an active social role in the countries that have taken them in.

published on : 10th December 2022

IS claims attack on Pakistani envoy in Kabul

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called it "an assassination attempt" on the head of the mission and demanded an investigation.

published on : 4th December 2022

Pakistan summons Afghan diplomat to convey anguish over attack on its envoy in Kabul

"The Afghan government must prevent the terrorists from undermining relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan," Bilawal said, adding that Pakistan will be undeterred by such cowardly attacks.

published on : 3rd December 2022

Shots fired at Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan' capital

Although Pakistan does not officially recognise Afghanistan's Taliban government, it kept its embassy open even as the hardline Islamists took over in August last year.

published on : 2nd December 2022

Books about bookstores

Independent bookstores are central to a thriving local community and are also one of the last truly-democratic institutions that are free for all

published on : 28th October 2022

Taliban report mosque blast at government ministry in Kabul

The afternoon explosion went off inside the mosque of the Interior Ministry, which is responsible for security and law enforcement in the country.

published on : 5th October 2022

Women protesters demand more security after Afghan bombing

The bomber struck an education center Friday packed with hundreds of students in a Shiite neighborhood, killing 19 people and wounding 27.

published on : 2nd October 2022

Kabul classroom bombing death toll at least 35: UN

"The latest casualty figures from the attack number at least 35 fatalities, with an additional 82 wounded," the mission said in a statement.

published on : 1st October 2022

Suicide bomber strikes Kabul education centre, killing 19

The morning explosion at the centre took place in Kabul's Dashti Barchi neighbourhood, an area populated mostly by ethnic Hazaras, who belong to Afghanistan's minority Shiite community.

published on : 30th September 2022

Suicide blast kills 19 at education centre in Afghan capital

The blast happened in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood of western Kabul, a predominantly Shiite Muslim area home to the minority Hazara community.

published on : 30th September 2022

Taliban fire into air to disperse women's rally backing Iran protests

Taliban forces swiftly snatched the banners and tore them in front of the protesters. They also ordered some journalists to delete videos of the rally.

published on : 29th September 2022

Taliban: Car bomb near Kabul mosque kills seven, wounds 41

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, the latest in a steady stream of attacks since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan just over a year ago.

published on : 24th September 2022
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