Kamala Harris

Google Trends 2020: Indians searched more about Kim Jong-Un than Kangana Ranaut, Joe Biden tops personalities list

Kamala Harris, Kim Jong-Un were the other foreigners involved in the Indian search list for the pandemic-struck year. Check out which other celebrities won the Indian public's interest the most this year.

published on : 19th December 2020

Kerala health minister KK Shailaja among FT readers' list of most influential women of 2020. Here are all winners

Financial Times' annual list of most influential women of the year is released in the month of December. The winners for the year 2020 was published on December 4, following scrutiny of hundreds of profiles belonging to "admirable women who have 'broken ground, coped with crises or brought attention to some of the most important issues." Here are all the winners.

published on : 9th December 2020

Women, race and truth: Best quotes from Kamala Harris' first speech as US Vice-President-elect

Vice president-elect Kamala Harris on Saturday paid tribute to the women, particularly Black women, whose shoulders she stands on as she shatters barriers that have kept mostly white men entrenched at the highest levels of American politics for more than two centuries.

published on : 8th November 2020