Kim Jong Nam

Women on trial visit airport where Kim Jong Nam was attacked

South Korea's spy agency has said the attack was part of a five-year plot by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to kill a brother he reportedly never met.

published on : 24th October 2017

Kim Jong Nam murder: Chemist says VX byproduct was on Indonesian woman suspect's shirt 

A Malaysian government chemist testified Thursday he found a byproduct of VX nerve agent on the shirt of the Indonesian woman on trial for the murder of the half-brother of North Korea's leader.

published on : 5th October 2017

Women plead not guilty to murdering North Korea leader's half-brother Kim Jong-Nam

Two women pleaded not guilty Monday to murdering the half-brother of North Korea's leader, at the start of their trial in Malaysia over the Cold War-style assassination that shocked the world.

published on : 2nd October 2017

Malaysian police formally identify Kim Jong-nam as victim of airport attack

Kim is the long-estranged half-brother of North Korea's ruler, and the North has refused to acknowledge he was the victim of the Feb. 13 murder.

published on : 10th March 2017

Malaysia to talk with North Korea over Kim murder row: Prime Minister Najib Razak

North Korea and Malaysia Tuesday banned each other's citizens from leaving their countries, with Kuala Lumpur saying its nationals were effectively being held "hostage".

published on : 8th March 2017

Malaysia says North Korea citizens cannot leave

Malaysia is now banning North Koreans from leaving Malaysia amid growing fallout over the death of Kim Jong Nam.

published on : 7th March 2017

Malaysia expels North Korea ambassador over Kim Jong-Nam murder

Kim Jong-Nam, 45, was poisoned on February 13 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with VX, a nerve agent so deadly that it is classed as a weapon of mass destruction..

published on : 5th March 2017

North Korea hits out at US over potential terror listing

The spokesman maintained that Pyongyang opposed "all forms of terrorism" and accused the US of trying to tarnish its reputation.

published on : 4th March 2017

Malaysian warrant for North Korean airline employee in Kim Jong-nam murder

Police also requested the second secretary at the North Korean embassy in Malaysia to assist the probe as a diplomatic rift between Kuala Lumpur and Pyongyang widens.

published on : 3rd March 2017

Malaysia: Poisoning of Kim caused paralysis, quick death

Kim Jong Un's exiled half brother was so high that it killed him within 20 minutes and caused "very serious paralysis."

published on : 26th February 2017

Kim Jong-nam's autopsy illegal and immoral: North Korea media

This proves Malaysia's intention to politicise the transfer of the body in utter disregard of international law and morality and thus attain a sinister purpose, North Korea jurists said.

published on : 23rd February 2017

Police: Suspects in Kim Jong Nam's death coated hands with poison

Police say the substance used remains unknown, but it was potent enough to kill Kim before he could even make it to a hospital.

published on : 22nd February 2017

Pinpointing cause of death for North Korea's Kim Jong Nam may be hard 

Determining whether poison killed the half-brother of North Korea's leader in a busy airport is proving difficult for Malaysian officials.

published on : 21st February 2017

North Korea, Malaysia row as Kim killing film emerges

CCTV footage aired on Japanese television on Monday gave the first public glimpse of the apparent moment Jong-Nam was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

published on : 20th February 2017

Malaysia summons North Korean envoy over Kim Jong-nam's death probe

Malaysia on Monday summoned the North Korean ambassador over his accusation that it conspired with "hostile forces" as it investigates the murder of leader Kim Jong-Un's half-brother, officials said.

published on : 20th February 2017
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