Din over the bin

Corporation mulls intensifying enforcement as many city residents snub source-level waste management project

published on : 23rd November 2023

A hope away from home

As North East Kitchen (Specialty Cuisine Restaurant) nears a decade, its founder, Ramayon Keishing, looks back on his journey, and aspirations for his community in the city  

published on : 22nd November 2023

Regional relishes: Check out Telugu cuisine at AnTeRa Kitchen & Bar in Jubilee Hills

For foodies who love to have authentic Andhra, Telangana & Rayalaseema cuisine, make sure to drop by AnTeRa Kitchen & Bar’s new outlet at Gachibowli for its awesome food and ambiance.

published on : 18th November 2023

Eating out in the ’90s style in Delhi

The waiter would place pristine white plates on the table while the neatly folded napkins would be placed on our laps.

published on : 16th November 2023

From the bin to the bowl with author and chef Arina Suchde

In a conversation with CE, chef and author Arina Suchde talks about her new book 'The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook' and the striving reason that paved the way for its creation.

published on : 15th November 2023

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi serves ‘langar’ at Golden Temple

Wearing a blue scarf on his head, he partook ‘langar’ while sitting on the floor. He spent most of his time in the community kitchen.

published on : 4th October 2023

A sip of nostalgia: This signature ' Arq' takes you down the memory lane   

As you sip the cocktails in Sidecar’s very Darjeeling-esque interiors, you can’t help but remember simpler times—less fancier, perhaps, but simpler.

published on : 14th September 2023

Scripting success story in Chhattisgarh's tribal villages

It was not uncommon to find many children suffering from poor nutrition and an imbalance of essential nutrients. But two villages have been successful in defeating malnutrition.

published on : 11th September 2023

Mirosa Café and Kitchen offers a calm and cosy cafe

It has over 40 tables of seating which include both indoor and outdoor seating, spread over two floors of the café. It also has a reading section with various genres of books.

published on : 19th August 2023

Straight outta Awadh 

The ongoing Lucknow food fest at Port Muziris is an explosion of subtle flavours and tenderest meats 

published on : 22nd July 2023

AAP sets up Flood Relief Kitchen at party headquarters

Currently, more than 40 relief camps have been set up by the Delhi government to rescue those stranded at low-lying areas.

published on : 15th July 2023

Unleashing a seafood extravaganza

The Carl’s Kitchen also bakes their own breads, makes their own sauces, and crafts their own desserts.

published on : 11th July 2023

Authentic flavours with a modern twist unveiled at Uppu Telugu Kitchen

An exciting culinary journey with Telangana, Konaseema and Rayalaseema cuisines

published on : 17th June 2023
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