Liz Truss

Where is Boris Johnson? UK's PM on leave as economic crisis deepens

Johnson will have a lot more time on his hands after September 6, when he is due to hand over to either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak as Conservative leader, but decided to take a break sooner.

published on : 5th August 2022

UK PM race: Rishi Sunak wins over voters in television debate against rival Liz Truss

After the two contenders put forward their arguments for why they should replace Johnson, the audience members were asked who they thought had won the argument and they picked Sunak.

published on : 5th August 2022

Second survey shows Liz Truss ahead of Rishi Sunak in UK PM race 

An estimated 180,000 party members started receiving their ballot papers this week and have the option of a postal or online ballot, which must be registered by the evening of September 2.

published on : 4th August 2022

PROFILE: Fabulously rich Rishi Sunak bids to become UK's first Hindu PM

Fabulously rich from his pre-politics career in finance, the former chancellor of the exchequer has also been mocked as being out of touch when Britons are contending with surging inflation.

published on : 1st August 2022

Liz Truss wins UK cabinet backing as voting to choose next PM begins 

As they began receiving postal and online ballot forms, a large minority of the roughly 200,000 Tory members is said by pollsters to nurse a grievance against Sunak -- one shared by Johnson.

published on : 1st August 2022

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss debate cancelled after TV host faints on air

Sunak and Truss went to check on the presenter and both candidates were seen kneeling down checking if she was fine.

published on : 27th July 2022

Have no doubt, I am the underdog in UK PM race, says Rishi Sunak as he hits out at his critics

It was an indirect reference to pro-Johnson Cabinet ministers, such a Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries and Minister for Brexit Opportunities Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are leading a pro-Liz Truss drive.

published on : 24th July 2022

Rishi Sunak, heir apparent who ran afoul of Boris Johnson

At 42, Sunak would be the youngest prime minister in more than 200 years and the country’s first South Asian leader.

published on : 21st July 2022

British PM race: Rishi Sunak races ahead with 137 votes, to face Liz Truss in final leg

The British Indian added 19 votes to his Tuesday tally of 118 and comfortably crossed the 120 MPs mark seen as the threshold to confirm a place in the final showdown.

published on : 20th July 2022

UK Prime Minister race: Final two candidates to be decided

Tuesday's vote means Britain will get either its first British Asian prime minister or the third female leader in the country's history.

published on : 20th July 2022

UK PM race debate: Rishi Sunak's message was all about honesty

Former Chancellor Sunak, who is standing firm on his economic plan of prudency over immediate tax cuts, went head-to-head with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss over her promise to slash taxes.

published on : 16th July 2022

Rishi Sunak wins first round of Conservative Party leadership vote in UK

Newly appointed Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi and former Cabinet minister Jeremy Hunt are out of the race after not being able to attract the requisite votes of at least 30 MPs.

published on : 13th July 2022

Boris Johnson quits, Indian origin leader Rishi Sunak top contender to be next UK PM

Johnson, 58, will remain in charge at 10 Downing Street until the process of electing a new leader is completed by the time of the Conservative Party conference, scheduled for October.

published on : 7th July 2022

Rishi Sunak backs UK PM Johnson ahead of no confidence vote

Sunak's intervention came soon after UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced her support for PM Johnson in the voting.

published on : 6th June 2022

UK 'strongly supports' Sweden, Finland joining NATO 

"They should be integrated into the alliance as soon as possible; their accession will strengthen the collective security of Europe," said UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

published on : 17th May 2022

UK adds Russian President Putin's ex-wife, alleged girlfriend to sanctions list 

The UK government on Friday added further names to its list of financial sanctions aimed at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

published on : 14th May 2022

UK to deploy war crimes experts to Ukraine for Russia probe

The specialist team will assist the Ukrainian government as they gather evidence and prosecute war crimes and will include experts in conflict-related sexual violence.

published on : 29th April 2022

Want to keep growing ties with India for Network of Liberty: UK foreign minister

With reference to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the minister declared that victory for Ukraine was now a "strategic imperative" for the West.

published on : 28th April 2022

'Natural for countries to look for good deals for their people': India defends buying energy supplies from Russia

Jaishankar made the remarks in the presence of visiting British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at the India-UK Strategic Futures Forum, shortly after holding extensive talks with her.

published on : 1st April 2022

Ukraine War: UK sanctions Russian media over disinformation

The latest group subjected to asset freezes and travel bans includes Rossiya television anchor Sergey Brilev, Gazprom-Media chief executive Aleksandr Zharov and Alexey Nikolov, MD of broadcaster RT.

published on : 31st March 2022
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