Pandavas in the Kalachuri Art of Chhattisgarh

We are fortunate to have some evidence from Chhattisgarh suggesting that the association of the region with the Mahabharata was also in vogue during the medieval period.

published on : 18th September 2022

Disney+Hotstar is working on a series adaptation of Mahabharata

Disney unveiled the first visual glimpse into the making of its upcoming Mahabharata series through a series of concept art.

published on : 12th September 2022

'Mahabharata' series in the works at Disney+Hotstar 

The project was announced by Gaurav Banerjee, Head - Content, Disney+ Hotstar & HSM Entertainment Network, Disney Star, during a session at the D23 expo here.

published on : 10th September 2022

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: Remembering a hawk in dove’s clothing

The Ram toofan did come in 2014 and swept the BJP to power twice. But it has also swept away Vajpayee's legacy of convivial politics and hardcore patriotism.

published on : 21st August 2022

Recreating the saga of divine love

Kathak dancer and choreographer Uma Sharma, along with her disciples, recreated this instance of divinity from the epic through a devotional dance performance to celebrate the festival of Janmashtami.

published on : 20th August 2022

A gripping rendition of Krishna's life

On exploring the many narratives in Indian mythology, one will notice the many shades of Krishna’s identity.

published on : 16th August 2022

Bharatanatyam dancer Sudhana Sankar finds modern relevance in the traditional art form 

"Now my performances are all based on the rawest form of human emotions, and I can correlate all of it with my own life,” says Sudhana, who is also trained in hip-hop, contemporary and salsa.

published on : 14th August 2022

The voice of timeless truths

As Story Hour comes to Hyderabad, young authors and producers speak to CE about mythology, bias, politics and classics.

published on : 2nd August 2022

Rajamahendravaram marks 1,000 years of Andhra Mahabharatam

The historic city also celebrated the millenary of the establishment of the historic city and King Rajaraja Narendra's coronation.

published on : 24th July 2022

Mahabharata and Peter Brook: The discovery of India by a Columbus of theatre

The Mahabharata was not a text that I would come to, naturally or otherwise. But strange as it may seem, the text with all its epic-textuality and granularity came to me, not once but twice over.

published on : 6th July 2022

Keep your words soft

Vidura told Dhritarashtra of a discussion between the son of Rishi Atri and Sadhyas—the demigods who guard the rites and prayers of greater gods.

published on : 29th May 2022

Limits to forgiveness 

Regular readers of this column will recall that we have been talking about the importance of forgiveness in the last couple of articles.

published on : 8th May 2022

An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind  

The title of this article is a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi who was a great believer in ahimsa—non-violence.

published on : 1st May 2022

Early Indic Visions of History - II

The presence of myths in the Epics has led historians to deny them the status of history, thereby defying the tradition's self-understanding.

published on : 19th April 2022

Sharing stories to shape the future

Storytelling is an art that has been part of almost every culture and society for eons. Earlier, epics such as Homer’s Iliad or Vyasa’s Mahabharata were sung by bards.

published on : 12th April 2022

Did Krishna’s Dvaraka Really Exist?  

It has long been a matter of speculation as to where this submerged city is.

published on : 10th April 2022

Theatrical retelling of a classic: National School of Drama's 'Abhijnanashakuntalam'

Hailed as one of ancient India’s prolific poets and dramatists, author Kalidasa has penned a number of masterpieces.

published on : 30th March 2022

Now, Karnataka mulls teaching Gita in schools

CM Bommai says it imparts moral values, decision after discussions.

published on : 20th March 2022

Good Morals the Basis of all Qualities  

After some time, Prahlada noticed a column of light in human form emerge out of his body.

published on : 20th March 2022

Hymn Keeper's love for Sanskrit

Misra runs an introductory Sanskrit video series for beginners and new learners on his YouTube channel 

published on : 20th March 2022
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