Michelle Bachelet

UN rights chief expresses concern over restrictions on NGOs, arrest of activists in India

She appealed to the Indian Government to "safeguard the rights of human rights defenders and NGOs, and their ability to carry out their crucial work" on behalf of the many groups they represent.

published on : 20th October 2020

UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet decries racism in US, keeps eye on Hong Kong

Bachelet raised concerns about the human rights situation in Myanmar, Nicaragua and Venezuela, among other places on her agenda.

published on : 14th September 2020

Distressed by the plight of migrant workers: UN human rights chief on India lockdown

The UN agency stressed that containing COVID-19 in the country, which hosts one-sixth of the world's population, will require effort not only from the government but also the population at large.

published on : 3rd April 2020

UN human rights chief accuses Brazil, US of 'rolling back' on climate

Bachelet said moves to weaken fuel emission standards and decreased regulation on the oil and gas industries in the US under Trump "could also harm human rights".

published on : 27th February 2020

UNHRC expresses 'great concern' over CAA, Delhi riots

The communal violence over the amended citizenship law in northeast Delhi has claimed 34 lives so far and left more than 200 people injured.

published on : 27th February 2020