‘Exploring Consciousness’ conference at NIMHANS

The conference’s vision is to exchange ideas and debate information in the domain and understand its importance in the scientific community.

published on : 23rd September 2022

Less-confident youth prone to substance abuse: Nimhans director

Dr Prashanti Nattiala, said that the use of substances has been normalized in society with children starting consumption at an early age.

published on : 28th August 2022

First collaborative brain health hospital to be launched Friday

It was launched on January 25 this year by Dr Sudhakar.

published on : 22nd July 2022

Nimhans alumni seek rollback of position paper on health

Sufficient evidence was provided, contradicting eggs and meat being the cause of lifestyle disorders.

published on : 20th July 2022

With integrated med, NIMHANS puts patients on recovery path

Abhishek Mohan (37) suffers from schizophrenia and has been treated by some of the best psychiatrists and mental health hospitals in India.

published on : 3rd July 2022

Nimhans ranked second in Education World India list

The unique reputation of the institute is reflected in its recognition and rankings. 

published on : 21st May 2022

Hackers target NIMHANS, but data remains safe

Giving details of the cyber security attack, sources said that on March 22, a faculty member complained to the NIMHANS IT Cell that they were unable to open their files.

published on : 7th May 2022

More women addicted to drugs, alcohol seek help

Pregnant women taking to alcohol and drugs is leading to foetal alcohol syndrome and also cardiac issues among their children 

published on : 18th April 2022

DU professor wins fight against Parkinson’s by letting the body play

In a recent event involving All India Institute of Medical Sciences doctors and patients, Ratnakar played badminton against a senior doctor.

published on : 16th April 2022

Nimhans part of largest intercontinental brain study

This could be the holy grail for neuroscientists in mapping and understanding the human brain through its life span.

published on : 13th April 2022

At least 5 killed, 35 injured as bus careens near Pavagada in Karnataka  

The driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to negotiate a curve on the Palavalli tank past Veerammanahalli around 9 a.m. 

published on : 19th March 2022