Goddess Kali Temple where fish is offered as ‘Bhoga’ in Odisha

The tradition of daily offering of the non-vegetarian ‘Bhoga’ to the deity at the temple is believed to have started 200 years back. 

published on : 24th October 2022

Chicken politics: Congress leaders challenge BJP not to get votes of those who eat non-veg

“If BJP and RSS have the guts, they should declare that they don’t want votes of those who eat non-vegetarian food. They should declare that such people should not support their party,” Ugrappa said.

published on : 24th August 2022

Colours soon to specify if your cosmetics are veg or non-veg products

The people belonging to Jain community and the Department of Consumer Affairs have been demanding the labelling of cosmetics and toiletries.

published on : 20th May 2018