Imran Khan wants good ties between Pakistan and India but says 'no chance' of it during BJP govt

In an interview with British newspaper 'The Telegraph' on Monday, 70-year-old Khan shed light on the economic benefits that could be achieved if the two neighbours establish trade with each other.

published on : 22nd November 2022

CoA files contempt petition against Patel, pleads to bar him from football-related activities

The petition also said that the "government has been misled by the state associations, as have FIFA-AFC who are ignorant of the duplicitous role being played by Mr Patel".

published on : 10th August 2022

Ousted Sri Lanka president to seek safe haven in Thailand

"His Singapore visa runs out on Thursday," a close associate of Rajapaksa told AFP in Colombo. "He had applied for an extension, but it had not come through as of Wednesday morning." 

published on : 10th August 2022

Sri Lanka's anti-govt protest that ousted President Rajapaksa ends after 123 days uprising 

"Our campaign for a system change would continue, although we ended our campaign here at this site," Vidarshana Kannangara, another activist said.

published on : 10th August 2022

I have 'blocked' numbers of those in establishment: Imran Khan

"It would have been better to drop an atom bomb on Pakistan than to have these criminals in power,"

published on : 14th May 2022