Period Leave

Edtech start-up Scaler announces Period leaves for female and transgender staff

The company introduced period leave to encourage greater diversity at the workplace by making the environment more inclusive for female and transgender employees.

published on : 13th January 2022

Byju's introduces period leaves for staff, trainees .

In a step towards creating a fair and balanced work culture, all women employees at Byju's are eligible for a total of 12 period leaves in a calendar year, the statement said.

published on : 16th November 2021

Swiggy introduces two-day paid monthly period time-off policy for female delivery partners

Swiggy has over 200,000 delivery partners and about 1,000 of them are women delivery partners.

published on : 21st October 2021

Menstruation matters: Hold that thought. Gotta change my tampon!

What do feminists think about the concept of paid period leave for female employees?

published on : 24th July 2017

Menstruation matters: Why menstrual leave is not like banishment from the kitchen

The concept of paid period leave must be viewed from the perspective of inclusion and as aimed at challenging notions of who an ideal worker is.

published on : 24th July 2017

Menstruation matters: Toilets, have you seen our toilets?

Two media companies, one based in Mumbai and another in Kerala, have got themselves fairly juicy airtime for giving women a day off on the first day of their period.

published on : 24th July 2017

Menstruation matters: Leave with belief and hope

How do women feel and go about their duties during these days. In the final part of the series, the New Indian Express looks at real life situations...

published on : 24th July 2017

The feminist view: How sweet but what's the catch?

Isn’t the debate over paid period leave typical of middle class talk fests? An idea that, should it come to pass, would restrict the benefit to the corporate world?

published on : 23rd July 2017

Menstruation matters: Over 80 per cent in favour of Period leave

Among men and women alike, there’s overwhelming support for the latter to get a day of paid leave each month, as revealed in a survey Express conducted across six states.

published on : 23rd July 2017