Why is Jallikattu in news every year?

As the discussion around Jallikattu continues year after year, here's a short video explaining what the sport it is and why it is being opposed.

published on : 19th January 2020

Pongal celebrations: 700 bulls participate in Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu's Madurai

Madurai District collector had said that those below the age of 21 will not be allowed to participate in Jallikattu.

published on : 16th January 2020

Jallikattu fever grips Palamedu village

Pongal is back and so is Jallikattu. Day two in Palamedu village in Madurai saw a huge number of people turning up to see the famed bull-taming sport. 

published on : 16th January 2019

KUMBH MELA 2019: Devotees take a dip in the Sangam on Makar Sankranti

On the wee hours of Tuesday, thousands of faithful thronged the Kumbh Mela site and took the holy dip at the Sangam -- the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers and the mystical Saraswati rivers. 

published on : 15th January 2019

Chennai gears up for Pongal 2019

The harvest festival, commonly called #Pongal in south India is just around the corner and Chennai has already started celebrating it in full swing! Have a look. #Pongal2019

published on : 12th January 2019

Students revel in pre-Pongal celebrations in Chennai

Pongal, the harvest festival widely celebrated throughout the Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring areas.

published on : 12th January 2019

Hundreds of Kerala women join festivities of 'Attukal Pongala'

To mark the culmination of the 10-day-long 'Attukal Pongala' festivities, thousands of women cooked 'payasam', a traditional rice pudding by lining roads in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday. 

published on : 3rd March 2018

Jallikattu: 19-year-old gored to death by bull in Madurai

A 19-year-old spectator was allegedly gored to death by a bull during the controversial bull-taming sport, Jallikattu, in Madurai.

published on : 16th January 2018

People celebrates Pongal with joy and fervour Go to Video Library People celebrate Pongal with joy and fervour    

Pongal, which literally means "spilling over", has started on Sunday. During the four-day festivity, the people thank mother nature for a plentiful harvest.

published on : 15th January 2018

How to make delicious Ven Pongal

Follow these steps to make the South Indian breakfast classic. 

published on : 28th July 2017

Jallikattu ban keeps bulls in Tamil Nadu under police security  

With locals preparing to defy the Jallikattu ban imposed by the Supreme Court, bulls were seen under strict police security on Saturday.

published on : 14th January 2017