Power outage

Power returns to cities in Pakistan day after massive outage

However, some rural areas were still waiting to be reconnected. The country’s power system is a complex and delicate web, where problems can quickly cascade.

published on : 24th January 2023

Pakistan hit by nationwide power outage with cuts in all major cities

The hours-long outage, the second in the past two years, was caused by a fault in the national grid at around 7:30 am (0230GMT).

published on : 23rd January 2023

Ukraine battles to restore power after latest Russian barrage

The Ukrainian energy system is on the brink of collapse and millions have been subjected to emergency blackouts for weeks due to systematic Russian bombardments of the grid.

published on : 24th November 2022

Cuba without electricity after hurricane hammers power grid

Hurricane Ian hit a Cuba that has been struggling with an economic crisis and has faced frequent power outages in recent months.

published on : 28th September 2022

Tamil Nadu's Coonoor suffers 10-hour power outage

Coonoor municipal sources said that the rains helped water storage rise to some extent in Raliah Dam, the principal source of water supply to the town.

published on : 22nd July 2022

Heavy rains lash Delhi, bring on cool

Delhi had recorded a minimum temperature of 27.8 degrees Celsius, a notch above the season's average, with the weather department predicting overcast conditions for the city on Monday.

published on : 30th May 2022

India relaxes environment rules for coal mines, citing heatwave

The government says it plans to increase domestic coal production to 1.2 billion tonnes in the next two years to support a post-pandemic economic recovery.

published on : 11th May 2022

Power cuts, voltage fluctuation add to summer woes in Bargarh, Sambalpur

Its temperature stuck above 40 degree Celsius since last more than 10 days, Bargarh is one among the districts facing a staggering heat wave.

published on : 8th May 2022

Citizens in Telangana blow a fuse over unofficial power cuts

Power cuts are back to haunt the residents of Telangana, especially its capital city Hyderabad, though they are not being termed as such by electricity board officials.

published on : 1st May 2022

Politics over power crisis intensifies as ruling and Opposition leaders exchange barbs 

Govind Singh Dotasra said the BJP only knows how to pitch brother against brother and cause religious polarisation to harvest votes.

published on : 29th April 2022

WATCH | Impending power outage in multiple states amid coal shortage, heatwave

States such as Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh are witnessing powercuts amid low coal stocks.

published on : 23rd April 2022

Power Outage Politics: Area of Darkness

Last week, India’s most industrialised state Maharashtra put out a date-wise, district-wise calendar of “load shedding”.

published on : 17th April 2022

Students write exam using mobile flashlights at govt-run Maharajas College in Kerala

Power outage sees invigilators allow students to write exam with the help of mobile flashlights at the prestigious Maharajas College.

published on : 12th April 2022

40,000 metric tonnes diesel from India reaches crisis-hit Lanka 

Power cuts lasting over 13 hours were imposed on Thursday, the longest cut since 1996 when a strike by the state power entity employees caused a 72-hour black out.

published on : 3rd April 2022

Japan government warns Tokyo region of power outages due to cold, earthquake damage

The rare alert, calling on households and companies to conserve power, coincided with snow and unusually cold weather for early spring in Tokyo, prompting people to use heaters.

published on : 22nd March 2022