Prakash Karat

Party Congress will take final call on secret ballot, says CPM leader Prakash Karat

Prakash Karat said that the party Congress will take a call on it as party constitution only allows secret ballot in case of Central Committee and lower commitee elections. 

published on : 20th April 2018

Hectic lobbying by Prakash Karat, Sitaram Yechury camps ahead of crucial vote to decide CPI (M) political line

Hectic lobbying and last-minute efforts are being made by both Karat and Yechury camp ahead of the crucial voting today on the draft political report.

published on : 20th April 2018

CPM's shrinking ground in national politics behind Prakash Karat vs Sitaram Yechury fight

With hours remaining for a thrilling climax to the ideological fight in CPM between two political lines, Express takes a look at the shrinking ground for the Left.

published on : 20th April 2018

CPM can't join hands with Congress, insists Prakash Karat

Former general secretary Prakash Karat made it categorically clear that there cannot and should not be any political understanding with the Congress.

published on : 19th April 2018

In a first, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury doesn’t present draft political line

Presenting the draft political tactical line before the delegates, Karat made the majority stance clear, saying an alliance with the Congress - a bourgeois party - is not at all possible.

published on : 19th April 2018

Left leader suggests worker-farmer alliance, Left democratic front including Congress, to defeat BJP-RSS

All India Kisan Sabha leader d K Krishnaprasad expressed anguish over the tussle between the Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat camps and the lack of unity within the CPI(M).

published on : 14th April 2018

BJP’s fascist tendencies need to be stopped right now: CPM chief Sitaram Yechury

In what could be termed as a reply to Prakash Karat, who earlier opined the Modi Government is not fascist, Yechury made it clear why the fascistic tendencies need to be fought immediately.

published on : 24th March 2018

Tripura debacle may force CPM to rethink strategy

The fall of the Left citadel in Tripura is expected to reignite the debate regarding the possibility of forming a united alliance of Opposition parties, in the CPI-M leadership.

published on : 4th March 2018