Pregnant women

A nudge for nutritional intervention 

During the later stages of life, as in the menopausal stages, women need to concentrate more on the intake of calcium-rich foods to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

published on : 22nd March 2023

SBMCH conducts free camp for pregnant women

The service will involve diagnosis and screening, physical examinations, blood tests, pelvic exam, urine tests, obstetric ultrasound scans, and assessments of possible risks to the mother and the baby

published on : 15th March 2023

‘Aryajanani’ to help pregnant women fight stress in Hyderabad

As part of the workshop, the husband, wife and even their in-laws are counselled on how to mitigate with the pregnancy related stress.

published on : 6th March 2023

RPF personnel help 123 women deliver babies in trains in 2022

An official data said that a total of 185 pregnant women passengers were assisted by the RPF women cops in safe delivery of their babies during journey when they went into labour pain.

published on : 2nd January 2023

Diabetes test for pregnant women can reduce mortality

Karnataka Maternal Health Deputy Director Dr Rajkumar N told TNIE that they plan to identify and screen pregnant women for diabetes.

published on : 12th December 2022

Schemes for Odisha pregnant women ‘fail to deliver’

Despite the State government spending huge amount of money on ‘Maa Gruha’ or maternity waiting homes (MWH), poor implementation on ground has marred their effectiveness.

published on : 23rd October 2022

Pregnant women struggle to find care after Pakistan’s floods

There are at least 610,000 pregnant women in flood-affected areas, according to the Population Council, a U.S.-based reproductive health organization.

published on : 17th October 2022

Japan set to scrap remarriage restrictions on pregnant women

Japanese cabinet ministers approved the scrapping of a law that stipulates women pregnant at the time of divorce must wait 100 days before marrying again. However, this law does not apply to men.

published on : 14th October 2022

Over 6.5 lakh pregnant women in dire need of care in flood-hit Pakistan: UNFPA

Over 1,600 persons have been injured and nearly 735,000 livestock, a significant source of livelihood and food have been lost in the flooding.

published on : 31st August 2022

Palanquin ambulance saves lives in remote Bengal region

The new service appears to be a lifeline for many women who are expecting. They knew what plight a pregnant woman had to face to reach the local healthcare centre.

published on : 28th August 2022

Pregnant, lactating women need extra care against monkeypox: Experts

The care centers required for infected pregnant women and nursing mothers are available mostly in urban parts of the State.

published on : 5th August 2022

Baby steps towards healthy future for expecting women in Thanjavur

A medical officer started handing over food packets to anaemic expectant mothers, who are oblivious to the importance of nutritious food

published on : 17th July 2022

Pregnant women hiring row: Indian Bank denies any change in guidelines over recruitment of females

Post 12 weeks of pregnancy, candidates are allowed to join with a fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner certifying them fit for taking up employment in bank.

published on : 21st June 2022

DCW writes to RBI on Indian Bank's hiring circular terming pregnant women 'temporarily unfit'

The DCW said the alleged action of the bank is 'discriminatory and illegal' as it is contrary to the Maternity Benefits provided under 'The Code of Social Security, 2020'.

published on : 20th June 2022

Dharmapuri: Foetus sex detection racket busted, seven held

According to Police sources, many pregnant women are visiting the area.

published on : 29th May 2022

Quack doctor arrested for sex determination racket in Tirupathur

According to officials, Sugumar received training from a doctor and started doing the scan on pregnant women.

published on : 11th March 2022